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  • What to Pin in January – Start 2017 Off Right

    In this post, we look at the Pinterest Pins that performed best last January to help you understand what you should be Pinning in the New Year. We analyzed all of the Pins from Tailwind members from January of last year and Pinned the ones that received the most Repins to our 11 “trends” boards – one board for each of the 11 most popular Pinterest categories.

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  • Pinterest Business Tips: Drive Awareness and Sales

    It’s no secret that Pinterest is one of the biggest sources of referral traffic on the Internet. While increased traffic can help bloggers and media companies to sell more advertising, many businesses (especially e-commerce) use Pinterest to sell their products directly. For these businesses the goal is to convert traffic into paying customers. That means making the sale.

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  • Shoppable Brings Instagram a Step Closer to E-Commerce

    Instagram has long been a haven for showing off products. Whether it’s the glamorous new bag from Kate Spade or the high-horsepower new car from Chevy, fans have spent 6 years double tapping on products without a clear path to purchase… until now. Instagram just announced Shoppable Instagram, a way for brands to turn their feeds into retail space.

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  • Pinterest Site Verification: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

    Verifying your site on Pinterest. Sounds like an overly-complicated, code heavy process and who really needs that, right? Well Pinterest site verification has many amazing benefits and doesn’t have to be hard at all! Adding your account to Pinterest gives you access to valuable business features. For example, you gain access to deeper analytics both on Pinterest and through Tai ...

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  • What’s Up With Pinterest’s New Group Board Messages?

    If you’ve been on Pinterest recently, you might have noticed something a little different about your account: Messages from Pinterest group boards You’re getting a lot more messages. This is due to a change in how Pinterest alerts users to new Pins on their group boards. 'What's Up With Pinterest's New Group Board Messages?'Click To Tweet What’s Happening? With this change, ...

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  • 11 Pinterest Myths Debunked

    TThis post is based on a Facebook Live event I did with my co-worker, Madison, based on different Pinterest rumors we were hearing. Watch the first 10 minutes below and the full video for free on our education platform, Launchpad. We’ve all heard them. The whispers in the social media blogosphere outlining theories to gain Pinterest followers fast or tips to increase engagement today.

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  • Instagram Marketing: How to Grow Your Community

    This post is based on a live video I recorded with our CEO about Instagram Marketing. Watch the first 10 minutes below and the full video for free on our education platform, Launchpad. Yes, you read that title right. We are talking about Instagram marketing! You’re probably double-checking to confirm you are on the Tailwind blog right now. Don’t worry.

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  • Pinterest Advertising: Make the Most of Your Promoted Pins Campaign

    This post is based on a Facebook Live Q&A about Pinterest advertising and Promoted Pins. You can find the replay on our education platform, Launchpad. Tired of hearing all the hype about Pinterest’s advertising platform, Promoted Pins? Maybe you’ve even considered launching your own campaign but held off to see if it’s worth the investment. Pinterest advertising is gaining steam.

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  • Pin Curation: The Cornerstone of a Strong Pinterest Strategy

    What’s the cornerstone of any great Pinterest strategy effort? Great Pins. However, there’s more to a great Pin than you may realize, and an effective, engaging Pin doesn’t happen by accident. In this post, I’ll talk about how images, descriptions and source links combine to create engaging and effective content for reaching your audience.

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  • What You Need To Know About Pinterest’s Activity Changes

    Have you noticed anything weird with your Pinterest account lately? No descriptions? Pins that suddenly have 1,000s of repins? You’re not alone and don’t worry – there isn’t anything wrong with your account. Pinterest is just rolling out some new changes. Here’s what Pinterest’s Help Center says on the matter: “If you’re on the web or the Android app, you may notice that Pins ...

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  • Creating Pinterest Boards: Your Complete Guide (+ a FREE Worksheet)

    What are Pinterest boards? Most people will tell you that Pinterest boards are simply groups of Pins arranged by a topic. That’s true, but boards can also be so much more. Boards allow you to organize your content in different ways, enabling you to use your pins to tell the story of your brand. Pinterest boards allow you to organize your content in different ways, enabling ...

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  • Pin Scheduling Case Study: “My Crazy Good Life”

    In 2012, Becca Ludlum saw an opportunity to change her life. With her blog, My Crazy Good Life, taking off Becca took the jump and left her day job as a speech therapist to become a full-time lifestyle blogger. After digging into Pinterest, Becca decided to give Tailwind’s pin scheduling and analytics tool a shot. Since then, she’s seen a 566% increase in reven ...

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  • Instagram Analytics: The Metrics That Matter

    Instagram has quickly become the darling of the visual marketing space. The platform, focused on sharing moments of your life as they happen, is known for it’s simple, singular focus on images. In fact, Instagram was so focused on images that up until the release of Instagram advertising, clickable links were only allowed in an accounts profile.

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  • Optimize Your Account for Pinterest Growth – FREE Download

    Since you’ve been using your Pinterest account for a while, you probably have a few boards that are gathering digital cobwebs. Maybe it’s your “Halloween 2013″ board or that regrettable “I <3 the Jersey Shore” board – those boards that just aren’t getting the same love they used to. Well, now is the time to dust off and make sure your account is optimized for growth with our ...

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  • Instagram Contest Guide: How To Make Your Campaign A Success

    As you build your social media marketing strategy on Instagram, don’t overlook the potential of contests. Not only are Instagram contests a fantastic way to quickly grow brand awareness and increase your reach, they’re also an extremely effective tool for generating engagement. This guide will show you how to create and run a successful Instagram contest, plus some tips and tr ...

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  • 11 Pinterest Marketing Growth Hacks That Work For Every Business

    Looking to boost your business’s visibility on Pinterest? Want to know the secrets of truly effective Pinterest marketing and the tactics the pros use to realize exceptional results? Here at Tailwind, we live and breathe Pinterest. We’ve seen first hand how brands can use Pinterest to rapidly grow their sales, generate high-quality leads and connect with one of the most vibrant ...

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  • Elements of the Best Pinterest Profile

    Setting up your Pinterest profile is all about the chemistry. You need the right mixture of great visuals and descriptions, the right mixture of timing and content, with your decisions being driven by analytics (and sometimes an extra special elements, to kick it into high gear). Like in your high school chemistry class, getting the elements wrong can result in catastrophe – th ...

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