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  • Why pizza emojis and fridge cams are harbingers of industry changes ahead

    In May 2015, Domino’s made history by announcing that Twitter addicts could now order late-night munchies simply by tweeting a pizza emoji at the brand. And while many were quick to label the concept as — quite frankly — idiotic, the brand’s announcement was, in fact, an early harbinger of an industry-wide reckoning looming on the horizon.

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  • Go ahead and swing at mobile, marketers — even if you miss

    Let’s get something straight today that every major league baseball player already knows: It’s impossible to hit a home run if you don’t step up to the plate and take a decent swing at the ball. It sounds obvious, right? In order to smash it out of the park, the batter needs a certain level of knowledge of the mechanics of hitting, a solid bat, a helmet, some batting gloves, ...

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  • Fight ad fraud through innovation… just like the ancient Greeks

    Most people have heard of the Trojan War. But if you haven’t, the famous story surrounding the war goes something like this… The Greeks attacked the ancient city of Troy, only to discover that the walls were so strong that the only hope for victory was to lay siege to the city and starve the inhabitants out.

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  • A Sports Fan’s Perspective On Media Metrics

    The amount of data available to us as marketers in 2016 is, quite frankly, staggering. It comes as no surprise that the industry’s biggest media sellers are rounding out their solutions by adding data management platforms (DMPs) to their marketing stacks. The list of players creating their own unique ecosystems continues to expand.

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