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  • Find Success By Putting Your Digital Advertising to the A/B Test

    Testing different variations is one of the quickest ways to learn, and Digital Advertising is no exception. When you begin talking about A/B testing, many of us get nervous and all sorts of possible catastrophes begin swimming around in our heads. But the truth is, advertising is a quickly evolving tactic, and in order to gain momentum, testing has become a necessity.

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  • PPC + SEO = A Winning Team for Search Marketing Success

    A winning team requires the proper line-up, teamwork and the ability to fill-in the performance gaps. A winning team for search requires the proper line-up of Paid and Organic strategies to ensure increased visibility and growth. Many B2B companies pigeonhole PPC as strictly a lead gen or a sales tactic but now is the time to go from tunnel vision to full spectrum search.

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  • 3 Remarketing Campaign Tips to Help You Engage Your Online Audience

    As technology advances we are provided even more tools and opportunities to deliver better information to our customers, no matter where they are searching. In today’s world, a prospect that visits your website and doesn’t convert isn’t always a lost customer. Online advertising offers an opportunity to re-engage and capture the attention of those prospects, even after they’v ...

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  • TopRank Marketing’s Paid Search Predictions for 2016

    As 2015 draws to a close, it’s time to begin thinking about what is on the digital marketing horizon in the coming year. Marketers with budgets large and small are often unsure of which investments will reap the biggest benefits. To help inform you of the options available, we’ll be publishing a series of prediction posts for different areas of digital marketing.

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  • Remarketing 101– The No-Brainer Paid Search Tactic

    As competition becomes increasingly fierce, B2B and B2C companies are all fighting for customers to read their content, and purchase their products or services. With so many options available to today’s consumers, many brands are searching for a way to stay top of mind with potential customers. Ready for a staggering piece of information? According to Business Insider, there ...

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  • Best Practices for Incorporating Sponsored Posts & Ads into Your LinkedIn Strategy

    For many B2B marketers, LinkedIn can prove to be a figurative and literal pot of gold. Unfortunately, there’s no majestic rainbow to show you the way. One element that can be used to begin collecting your coins, is incorporating social media advertising as part of your LinkedIn strategy. A few years ago, HubSpot surveyed B2B organizations and found that 65% of them reported t ...

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  • Social Media Advertising: Don’t Be Tardy for the Party

    Social media advertising presents many exciting opportunities for marketers regarding media, targeting and general flexibility for reaching customers where they hang out. However, having seemingly unlimited options can make paid social a daunting channel to tackle. Just like you may feel after a long week, it’s sometimes easier to just stay home on a Friday night.

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