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  • 5 Ways to Make Marketing Videos Viewers Crave

    I’ve got a favorite advertising show – and it’s not “Mad Men.” AMC’s “The Pitch” showcases real-world examples of two agencies that square off in a fierce one-on-one battle to earn the lucrative business of a big-name client. In one episode, the client sent an RFP to a small, viral video agency that specialized in creating entertaining marketing videos.

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  • 4 Common Digital Marketing Messes (and How to Mop ‘Em Up)

    Inconsistencies in customer communications can inevitably lead to unwanted decreases in loyalty and growth. Developing a completely holistic marketing plan depends on your use of the hottest technology available to allow for highly-targeted campaigns. Nonetheless, it helps to identify where the biggest spills are so you can be better prepared to clean it up.

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  • Personalization Isn’t the Future of Marketing

    Published 1 min ago 30 If you gasped at the title, don’t worry. This idea won’t turn everything you’ve heard about marketing on its head – it’ll just slightly change the lens through which you view your marketing initiatives. A recent Chief Marketer piece described the phenomena of moving from personalization to individualization.

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  • 3 Secrets to Marketing Strategy Success

    Published 1 min ago 37 Thousands of brands across the globe are experimenting with constantly emerging and spicy new marketing tactics and trends. Some of these tactics work well, or at least they do for a short amount of time. But some offer no measurable return on marketing investment or, unfortunately, yield no real results at all.

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  • What Charles Darwin Taught Us About Marketing

    Published 19 mins ago 38 Competition defines the world we live in. We can draw some stark parallels between today’s marketing landscape defined by competitive digital disruption and the Darwinian concept of survival of the fittest. By its nature, the marketing field is one big, competitive mess.

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  • Using Big Data To Learn Consumer Habits

    Published 45 mins ago 29 It’s here—welcome to the “age of disruption.” Every day, consumers are bombarded with dozens (if not hundreds) of marketing messages from brands all vying to earn their consumers’ mindshare and subtly shift attitudes, behaviors and buying decisions. It’s clear that marketers need to find a surefire way to compete with and beat other marketers, ...

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  • Advertising on Jerseys: Strategic Marketing Or Useless Clutter?

    Published 1 min ago 25 Ever since I can remember, I have been a huge basketball fan. And I like the game just the way it is! If advertising in NASCAR on driver uniforms and cars are any indication, then the soon-to-be-implemented NBA jersey ads will eventually become a trademark of the sport.

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  • The Intoxicating Truth of Instagram – And Using It to Market

    Published 1 min ago 29 For years, I tried to wrap my head around the obsession people – mostly my female peers, in my estimation – seemed to have with these image-centric social media platforms, specifically, Instagram. And then, I finally got one. And when I got one, I finally got it. Twitter is tremendous, but text heavy.

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  • How eBay is Leading The e-Commerce Marketing Revolution

    Published 4 days ago 252 I look up at the clock and realize I’ve been surfing eBay, hypnotically engaged yet directionless for the past two hours. And I realize that what began as a quick search for a ball cap has turned into much more than that—a pleasantly surprising, almost-too-conveniently constructed browsing session of everything I love and want, or might want.

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