Michael Boland

  • How Apple’s Subtle AR Play Could Impact Local: Sights and Sounds

    Apple just entered augmented reality, without anyone really noticing. Though the iPhone 7 was met with a collective ‘meh,’ the real impact is below the surface, where the world’s biggest company collides with tech’s biggest opportunity. Disappointment stemmed from Apple’s failure to launch a VR product, or at least a blatantly obvious one (read: headset).

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  • Why Augmented Reality Will Eventually Take Over Local

    As I’ve written and others have forecasted, virtual reality (VR) will come first, but augmented reality (AR) will be bigger. That statement especially applies to location based applications. AR will be all about local. Graphical overlays to the physical world will amplify everything from retail shopping (store navigation and product info), to finding a restaurant (ratings &am ...

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  • Pokémon Go and Local: Why Now?

    It seems like we’ve reached peak Pokémon Go. The phenomenon will likely escalate then eventually flame out, but for now it’s the most downloaded iOS game in history and has eclipsed Twitter, Pandora and Netflix in active usage. Beyond thousands of headlines and millions of hazard-prone players roaming the streets like zombies, what does it all mean for local commerce? The ga ...

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  • The Physical World Is Eating the Web

    I’ve always been a big fan of Marc Andreessen, and particularly his mantra that software is eating the world. We’re now seeing that play out in local commerce in lots of ways. The framework could even be flipped: The world is eating software. The subject of innovation is increasingly atoms instead of bits. IoT blends the two, as do beacons.

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