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  • How Much Marketing Automation Is Too Much?

    In November 2016, without too much fanfare, Twitter launched a marketing automation tool which could be something of a game changer for social media support. The tool that Twitter launched was a bot designed to answer low-level customer service questions and filter clients towards the right department for support.

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  • 10 Top Marketing Automation Influencers You Need to Know

    When we want inspiration and guidance in the world of marketing automation, the world wide web is always a good place to start looking. But with so much content and so many ideas doing the rounds, how can we be sure that we are learning from the best? To help to cut through the confusion, here are ten of the most insightful, innovative and – in many cases – disruptive marketin ...

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  • 6 Unexpected Benefits of Marketing Automation

    We know that a marketing automation system is a useful tool in our business arsenal. Lead nurturing, customer support and a range of other marketing tasks are all made much easier by implementing automation. However, these are not the only benefits. Read on for some of the more unexpected benefits of marketing automation.

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  • 5 Ways to Achieve a Human Touch with Marketing Automation

    There is something about the phrase “marketing automation” that could be considered alarming. For many of us, the connotations of automation are not positive; instead they represent a cold, clinical, robotic approach to business. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Marketing automation doesn’t have to be cold or inhuman; in fact, it can help you to achieve a light touch with y ...

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  • Marketing Automation and the New Omnichannel Journey

    Staying one step ahead of the customer has gotten a whole lot harder recently. Whereas a customer journey once represented a swift trip from A to B and then perhaps to C, it now resembles something of an alphabet soup, with customers taking many a meandering route towards a purchase. Here are three examples of customer journeys that are considered to be typical today; and thre ...

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  • 4 Ways to Boost Content Marketing with Automation

    Great content requires talent and skill to pull off; it requires a human touch, with a dash of artistry and a hefty serving of creative know-how. To put it simply, content is not something you can automate. However, that is not to say that our content strategies can’t benefit from a little automation.

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  • Making Life Easier with Marketing Automation

    Business is fraught with traps, pits and trip hazards, all of which are seemingly designed to bring you down while you are in full flow. So how can we avoid these? Marketing automation provides the key to help us navigate these treacherous waters with relative ease. Read on for five examples of marketing automation in action, and discover how it could make your life that little bit easier.

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  • Why Marketing Automation Is Worth the Cost?

    Perhaps you’re a grassroots marketer; you’ve been in the industry for quite some time, you understand the lay of the land, and you have a wealth of resources to draw upon as you connect as many people as possible with your products. What’s more, you get results. Your methods work and – while they’re somewhat labor-intensive – you have a demonstrable track record in launching a ...

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  • Tap Into Your Business Intelligence Resources with Marketing Automation

    Anyone who has spent any amount of time in business will have learned one golden rule: nothing worth having comes for free. It’s no secret that we need to spend money to make money. That we need to speculate to accumulate. This is such common knowledge that there’s a wealth of cliché phrases designed to reflect this; in fact, I’ve just used two of them in this very paragraph! ...

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  • 5 Ways Marketing Automation Builds True Customer Loyalty

    It seems that somewhere along the way, customer loyalty became a forgotten objective of the marketing strategy. We focus on getting customers, and lots of them, through various methods, and often at any cost. But the cost of acquiring a new customer is five to twenty-five times higher than the investment required to keep an existing customer.

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  • Customer Retention – The Lost Art (And Science) Of Marketing

    In the past, understanding which marketing programs delivered the best results proved challenging. Today this is no longer the case. Marketing departments are swimming in data. But the key to demonstrating ROI from Marketing lies in utilizing the latest tools such as marketing automation and the all the data available to the modern marketer to make the right decisions that drive business results.

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  • How Marketing Automation Supports Inbound Marketing

    Today’s buyers and consumers are increasingly avoiding branded outbound promotions and ads. We skip TV commercials with our DVRs or streaming services. We block digital ads with “Ad blocking” software, or we just ignore them altogether. We delete unwanted promotional emails. We ignore “cold calls” from unknown numbers.

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  • The Secret to Content Marketing ROI

    Questions about content marketing ROI are probably the ones I hear most from marketers who are struggling to build their own business case internally. We know our customers are turning out advertising. And we know that as consumers, we are all consuming more information online. We are looking to get informed and we are looking to be entertained. We don’t care where the content comes from.

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