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  • 4-Step Plan You Need to Make $2,000/Month with High-Ticket Offers

    Stuck in your affiliate business? You’re feeling frustrated because people are not looking at your affiliate products, let alone buying them. I can relate to it because in 2013, I tried my hands on affiliate marketing but didn’t succeed. To be honest with you, I failed. The highest monthly income was in September of the same year when I earned $308.99.

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  • 3 Core Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Powerful

    Email marketing is the best sales driver. By far, communicating with loyal subscribers through email will produce tremendous results than facebook and twitter engagements combined. If you want to increase your bottom line and grow your online business, you need to get started with EM. Many online entrepreneurs are still on the fence.

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  • Case Study: How To Sell Products Like A Pro

    I just wanted to show you a case study of two freelance job sites. Both of them are very popular, and have served a lot of customers across the world. But does it really matter how many people you’re reaching and selling to, the question to ask is this: Is my VALUE clear enough? This post isn’t the typical post so I’m going to use screenshots to deliver my point (message).

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  • How To Get Powerful Inbound Links (My Secret)

    An inbound link is simply a link back to your website. I’m talking about powerful links, which can boost your search engine rankings. Since I launched my content marketing business, I’ve worked with clients who wanted instant results. They wanted me to perform the magic. It doesn’t work that way. Of course there is nothing wrong with “quick results” only that it does not stay.

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  • Why I Don’t Believe In Get-Rich-Quick Programs

    Yes you read that correctly. I don’t believe in get-rich-quick programs. Any program that promises you millions without your primary input is definitely hiding something from you. When I came online, I joined over 10 email lists from all those clickbank vendors. And do you know that I get nothing less than 20 emails daily, recommending one form of affiliate product or the other.

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  • How Ranking #3 Can Generate More Sales Than Ranking #1

    Ready to increase your sales? No matter who told you that unless you rank at number 1 in Google homepage, you’ll not make money online – that person had lied to you. This is no time to argue because I’ve all the facts to backup what I just said. The harsh truth is that you should stop struggling to rank at #1 for the sake of it.

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  • A Letter To You If You Want To Earn More Money Online

    Dear fellow marketer, I made up my mind today to write you this letter because I want you to take action as soon as you’re through with it. You see, life itself may not be as Rosy and beautiful as you planned, but only you can decide to take it personal or look through the thickest of the challenges and see opportunities. Read the post here.

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  • How You Can Double Your Income In The Next 12 Months

    I love internet marketing. Do you know why? It’s because I can decide to work less and double my income without doing anything illegal. How true? If you’re like me, your utmost desire this year is to earn full time income online. I must commend you for that. Because many people do not have that kind of goal. They’re scared of imagining. They’re too careful to take risks or make mistakes.

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  • How To Invest Your Affiliate Income and Double It

    Do you make money online? If yes, then I’m sure you want to double it without doing extra work all by yourself. Well, it’s possible. The truth is that you can wisely invest your affiliate and online earnings and deliberately change your financial status. Most bloggers are making a very big mistake – they receive their affiliate checks, PayPal transfers and the next unwise ...

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  • How To Create Content That Makes Money

    Writing is an art. Artists get paid. You need to weave in ideas that can cause someone to take action. No matter what it takes, don’t trade the quality of your posts, articles, videos and what have you for quantity. Of course there is nothing wrong with creating more content, but you should care more about readership and what impact you’re making in the lives of your readers.

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  • The Art of the Sale

    In 2011 I hated selling. And because of that, I wasn’t making enough money to support my life. You may have a lovely and beautiful wordpress blog which is a good thing, but if you suck at selling nothing will happen to your business – money-wise. Fast forward to 2014, I’m in love with this thing called “selling.

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