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  • How to Use SVG Files With WordPress

    First Question: Why Use SVG Files With WordPress? Answer: File size. SVG Graphics Fileshttps://www.tastyplacement.com can reduce image file size by 99%. With the use of SVG files, we’ve reduced the entire load size of to 311k at the time of this writing. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. Because an SVG file is vector-based, the image is essentially a tiny text file that ...

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  • The Truth About WordPress Hosting

    If you’ve found this post, congratulations on your unlikely visit. Why unlikely? Because if you are seeking information–unbiased information–on WordPress hosting, you’ll be inundated with PPC ads, crappy/biased affiliate “review” sites, remarketing ads, and fluff pages from mega-hosting companies like MediaTemple and WPEngine.

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  • How to: Google Shopping Feed (PLA) With Magento

    Let’s get started: PLAs/Google Shopping Feed for Magento Okay let’s begin. We are going to setup Google Product Listing Ads within the Magento system. Here are the steps we will take and what we are going to need? We are going to use Magento obviously. Then we are going to purchase an extension through MagModules which works great.

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  • WordPress Media Upload HTTP Error: The Fix

    Here’s how to fix the dreaded “HTTP error” when uploading images through WordPress’ media uploader. We’ve seen this with JPG files and it basically boils down to filesize or just a bad file. These Tips Will Fix “HTTP Error” on Media Upload 99% of the Time: Shrink the Image: Use Photoshop or Pixlr (online photo editor) to simply shrink the image file size.

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  • How to Backup WordPress the Right Way

    I wouldn’t trust a plugin to do a WordPress backup. First of all, how will you ever know that the plugin is secure? How will you know if the plugin is working correctly? Finally, you’ll need the plugin to restore the backup–what if the plugin isn’t update for a current version of WordPress? To Backup WordPress the Right Way, Do a Direct Database Backup A WordPress installation ...

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  • Getting Started With WordPress

    A Complete Starter Guide to Writing, Editing and Maintaining Your WordPress Site Congratulations on setting up your first WordPress web site. This is a guide to writing and editing webpages on your WordPress site. As you use, update, and maintain your site, you will begin to understand why WordPress is one of the most powerful and free content management systems (CMS) online and ...

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  • Book Excerpt: What Are Authority Links?

    The following is an excerpt (with some recent modifications and editorial comments) from our book, WordPress Search Engine Optimization (now in second edition!). You can buy the book at Amazon. Authority Links: What They Are and Why You Want Them There is a measure of power that some links possess that is independent of PageRank and it is the principle of authority links.

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  • How to Make a Mobile Site Click to Call Link

    A “click to call” button or link on a mobile or smartphone website can mean the difference between getting a customer to call or losing them forever. Converting customers with mobile sites is a different discipline from converting customers on desktop websites: mobile website visitors are unlikely to read long sales copy, are similarly unlikely to send an email, and are certain ...

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  • Click to Call Tracking With Google Tag Manager: Tutorial

    …with a bonus: Mobile Device Detection Here’s the need: we have a responsive website, as pretty much 1/3 of the web has these days. We love receiving emails through our contact form from customers, and they are easy to track as Goals in Google Analytics and we feel they represent a more interested and more serious purchaser.

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  • Is WordPress Good for SEO?

    Updated for 2015 We originally wrote this post back in 2010, and now revisit the question. We get asked a lot about WordPress’ suitability for search engine rankings. WordPress’ reputation and having a sound foundation for SEO has certainly seeped into the public’s mind. For the most part, the reputation is deserved. This site, TastyPlacement.

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  • $150 Video-Enabled Home PBX Voip System

    I recently built a 3-phone, video-enabled, full-blown PBX Voip phone system based on a RaspberryPI B. The system makes extension-to-extension and Voip video calls (very good for talking to kids without yelling upstairs), and the system makes and receives normal outbound and inbound phone calls for about 1 penny a minute through FlowRoute’s normal SIP/Voip rates.

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  • A Pay Per Click Case Study of Awesome Excellence

    How we tripled a client’s conversion rate in 6 weeks, and lowered Google Adwords cost-per-conversion by 63.22% We love conversion rate optimization and cost-per-conversion optimization. This is the heart of the matter–it sits at the core of what any advertising campaign should look towards. This case study will show how we did the following for one of our client campaigns with s ...

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  • Highlighting Disappears from Google SERPs?

    Is Google Testing a New SERP Alternative to Displaying Highlighted Query Terms? Historically, Google would echo a user’s queried terms on it’s SERPs (search results pages) by highlighting/bolding those terms back to a user in both organic results and Adwords text ads. This principle dictates quite a bit of strategizing when drafting text ads and meta information for webpages.

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  • Website Visitors Drop After Switch to HTTPS

    Google announced recently that it would be rewarding websites converting to https with increased ranking position. Ok, sure, fine, WHATEVER. But wait, maybe this is a good thing? Let me spend 6 or 7 hours on this to find out. Thanks for Nothing, Google Well, things didn’t work out for us on one of our web properties. We converted to ...

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  • Tasty Pi: Raspberry-Powered Audiophile Network Audio Player

    Rack Mount Fully Assembled Ready to Play $300 Well, we’ve done it…we’ve gone bat-shit crazy. Our linux tinkering and obsession with Raspberry Pi micro-computing has led us to create the Tasty Pi, a Raspberry Pi-powered network audio player that we’ve installed in an elegant rack-mount configuration (although the svelte rack enclosure can easily be ditched in favor of laser-e ...

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