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  • The Hidden Benefit of Free SEO Audit Tools

    I have an enterprise client that retains me as a consultant. In a nutshell, I help them anytime they have an SEO question. Before they hired me, this client hired a vendor to help them with some technical implementations. As part of their service agreement, the vendor offered an SEO audit. My client asked me to review this audit for them.

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  • Finding Opportunity in Ad Blocking and the “Death of the Free Internet”

    Published 1 min ago 0 A rising number of people are enabling ad blockers and it’s the end of the free Internet as we know it. Lately, there has been a lot of talk on this trend in the digital marketing space, and it’s causing much concern. Without going too deep into a topic you’ve likely read plenty about already, the rising number of people using ad blocking plugins ...

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  • Teaching Digital Rookies Content Marketing Best Practices

    Published 22 mins ago 44 The digital marketing world is a massive echo chamber. This isn’t necessary a bad thing, tough. After all, the reason it is such an echo chamber is because there is a bonded community of professionals constantly sharing and discussing the intricacies of this always-changing practice.

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  • How to Conduct a Content Audit to Beat Your Competition

    There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. But, what if that competition is kicking your butt all over the Internet with highly shareable content? Many of us have been there and thought to ourselves: “What is it about the stuff on their site that makes them so special? How can I make my content stick like theirs?” This competitive content audit will show you how.

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  • How To Derail Content Creation Without Even Trying

    Published 1 min ago 36 Let me start by getting personal for a moment: I love content. I love it so much, in fact, that I kind of hate calling it “content,” as I think the term makes it too easy to generalize and commoditize the amazing work that comes from the writers, artists and developers of the marketing community.

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  • 4 Simple Steps to Managing Your Clients’ SEO Expectations

    Content Marketing, Owned Media, SEO You’ve got a new client. Congratulations! There’s nothing like starting off the New Year with the promise of success on the horizon. Wait, did I say “promise”? I meant “chance”…and that’s if you’re lucky. The SEO game is a harsh, cruel tug-of-war against constantly shifting algorithms and best practices.

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