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  • 3 Creative Affiliate Marketing Implementations

    When affiliate marketing is discussed as a web monetization strategy, it is typically considered as the primary means of generating revenue from traffic. There are thousands of sites out there that have been set up with the single goal of sending referrals to third party vendors, and generating revenue through affiliate relationships.

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  • 5 Creative Below-the-Fold Monetization Ideas

    When monetizing a site through display advertising, the obvious area of focus in the primary real estate located above-the-fold. Because these sections of a site are seen by every visitor, there are more opportunities to generate ad revenue. Many sites overlook the revenue opportunity lower down on a webpage.

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  • Making Money From User Comments

    A key to successful display ad monetization is placing ads in areas of a site where visitors will see them and engage with them. Typically, this leads to focusing on the most viewed areas of a site such as above-the-fold placements. It makes sense to prioritize above-the-fold display ad optimization; improvements made there will yield the most meaningful increase in revenue.

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  • 3 Ideas to Improve Leaderboard Ad Performance

    This article is available to MonetizePros Premium members. To access in full, log in, or sign up for a free trial. We recently highlighted some common mistakes made with leaderboard ads and gave out a design idea that will improve performance. Below are three additional ideas for generating more revenue from the standard leaderboard ad unit.

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  • How to Better Monetize Leaderboard Ads

    For sites that monetize their traffic primarily through display advertising, there are a handful of factors that will impact the efficiency of this strategy and the RPMs realized: Positioning of ads Styling of ads Relevancy of ads This article will focus on #1 above. Specifically, we’ll discuss optimal strategies regarding the 728×90 leaderboard ad unit that is a core ...

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  • 11 Sites That Effectively Use In-Content Ads

    The keys to an effective display ad strategy is pretty straightforward: Position your ads in places where visitors are likely to notice them; and Style your ads in a way that visitors are most likely to engage with them. One of the effective ways to accomplish the first bullet above is to insert ads into sections of the site where content is normally featured.

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  • Which Email Ad Network Is Best for You?

    Email is a common monetization opportunity available to Web publishers. Many sites are collecting email addresses and regularly corresponding with your subscribers, but most aren’t making any effort to monetize the process of collecting or sending to email addresses. There are a number of ad networks that have popped up in recent years to help such publishers generate a bit of ...

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  • The Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing: 7 Essential Resources

    Getting started in affiliate marketing can be overwhelming; the terminology, processes, and best practices can be a lot to someone new to this space. But affiliate marketing, if done correctly, can also be a great way to monetize a large, targeted online audience. If you’ve made the decision to give affiliate marketing a try as a primary monetization method for your online traf ...

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  • Link Units: 8 Examples of Profitable Implementations

    Link units are a seldom-used weapon in the display advertising arsenal, representing one of the most effective ways for sites to improve overall monetization with minimal effort. If you’re not familiar with link units, we have a detailed tutorial that explains the ins-and-outs of these ad units. If you understand the mechanics but are looking for specific ideas of how to imple ...

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