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  • The Easiest Way to Check for Broken Links on Your Blog

    As much as you may try to grow the traffic numbers on your blog organically, building up your following on social media or attracting repeat readers through your e-mail newsletter, getting your site ranked favorably in the search engines is always a good idea. You want to rank for your keywords, because that’s how you can attract new visitors and further establish yourself as t ...

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  • How to Make Money Online with Your Podcast

    Many opportunities are available to you when you want to monetize your blog. There are countless advertising networks that you can consider and they can take on different parts of your website’s real estate. You can have in-line text ads, pop-under ads, banner ads and more. That’s because someone visiting your blog is actually looking at your website.

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  • Are Podcasts Still a Thing and Should You Start One?

    As Michael Corleone so famously said, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” Except, in this case, you were never really “out” and the opportunity has been sitting there under your nose this whole time. I remember when podcasts became such a big hit several years ago and many people started subscribing to all sorts of “shows” through services like iTunes.

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  • The Clown or the Professor: Which Are You?

    When you were a child, you were probably asked on more than one occasion what you wanted to be when you grew up. As a child, you didn’t quite have a firm grasp on what was realistic and what wasn’t. Maybe you wanted to be a firefighter, a Hollywood starlet, or a space cowboy. The question was harmless.

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  • Top SEO Tips for YouTube Video Descriptions and Metadata

    It’s a statistic that keeps getting thrown around and it’s one that you would really be foolish to ignore. The second most popular search engine on the Internet today, trailing behind only the almighty Google itself, is YouTube. More people are spending more time watching videos on YouTube than ever before and regardless of the kind of business that you’re in, you really should ...

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  • A Quick and Dirty Guide to Amazon Native Shopping Ads

    Executed effectively in front of the right audience with the right kind of content, monetizing your website with Amazon Associates could be one of the most lucrative ways for you to make money on the Internet. You’ll still need to generate lots of quality traffic and you’ll need to tweak your application to maximize your conversion rates, but there is definitely money to be made.

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  • Are You Marketing to Beginners or Experts?

    Do you know who your customer is? Do you really? And if you run any sort of blog or content-based website, do you know who your reader is? Do you really? It may sound like simple enough of a question, but you find that far too many blogs and businesses go about this issue in entirely the wrong kind of way.

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  • Popping Under the Clickadu Premium Ad Network

    Advertising on the Internet is likely almost as old as the Internet itself. Over the years, ads have taken on a variety of different forms, from flashing banners exclaiming that you’ve won an iPod to more subtle affiliate links buried into extensive product reviews. At the end of the day, the fundamental objective has remained unchanged.

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  • What to Do When Facebook Doesn’t Display Your Post Image

    Even though a lot has changed in terms of getting organic reach without having to pay for it, we can all agree that Facebook is still a very valuable marketing channel and it’s still a great way to connect with your blog’s audience. Of course, not everything works exactly as it should all the time and Facebook is certainly not immune to its own share of problems.

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  • What Does Facebook Reach Really Mean?

    The proof is in the pudding. The devil is in the details. See the forest for the trees. English is filled with all sorts of idioms and common nuggets of wisdom, and so many of these can be pretty easily applied to the world of Internet marketing and making money online. Another common truism is that numbers don’t lie (but you can lie with numbers).

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  • How To Take Your Online Business Offline for Fun and Profit

    Make money online. It’s right there in the term: online. Two of the greatest advantages to the dot com lifestyle and the world of Internet marketing are the ability to make money from practically anywhere in the world and the ability to set your own schedule, ideally formulating systems that can generate a steady flow of passive income for you.

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  • Promoting Your Social Media on Other Social Media

    The very nature of the Internet is such that everything is intertwined and interconnected in the most intricate and complex of ways. As an Internet marketer or online business owner, you must recognize the importance of weaving your own web of intertwined links so that your potential readers and customers stay within your funnel.

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  • Is Money Really the Ultimate Motivational Tool?

    Some people might tell you that money is the root of all evil. Other people might say that it is the pursuit of money that is really the root of all evil. The reality is that we all like money and we all like to have shiny new things in our lives and it takes money to buy those shiny new things. We need money to keep the lights on, put food on the table and to provide for our families.

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  • The Biggest Difference with the Dot Com Mindset

    If you go about life doing all the normal things that everyone else is doing and that everyone else is expecting you to do, the only outcome you can really expect is to be normal. And, the grand scheme of things, normal is rather mediocre. It’s very middle of the road and not exceptional in any way. For some people, that’s perfectly fine and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that.

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  • Do You Need Your Own Product to Make Money Online?

    So, you’ve decided that you’re done working for the man and trading hours for dollars. You’ve decided that you’re going to strike it out on your own in the vast land of opportunity called the Internet and you’re going to make money online. Good for you. Welcome to the club. Now you’ve got to make one of the bigger decisions as it pertains to your online aspirations.

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  • How To Build Personal Expertise and Professional Credibility

    Let’s say that you’ve had the good fortune of coming into an unexpected sum of money. While you are tempted to splurge this newfound wealth on some shiny new toys, your more prudent side reminds you that it’s probably a better idea to invest this money. Maybe you’re building up a down payment on your first home or maybe you’re trying to save some extra cash for your retirement.

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  • Focus on Consistency, Not on How Fast You’ll Get There

    It’s a problem that plagues not only the Internet marketing industry, but it is within this niche that we find it particularly prevalent. I suppose this only makes sense, given the general appeal of making money online. People from the outside looking in have a certain preconceived notion of what it means to a professional blogger or Internet marketer. They think it comes easily.

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