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  • What Is Your Time Worth to You?

    The Internet is a wonderful and glorious place where just about anyone in the world can make a very comfortable living for themselves and on their own terms. A big appeal of going online and launching your own online business, whatever that venture might be, is that you get to be your own boss. Striking Out on Your Own There’s no more reporting to the Bill Lumberghs of the world.

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  • How Much Money Can You Make as an Amazon Affiliate?

    For anyone who is first starting out with making money online, particularly in the context of starting a new blog but easily applicable to many other ventures too, there are two big names that stand out as potential opportunities. There is Google AdSense for mostly CPC (cost per click) based advertising and then there is the Amazon Associates program for CPA (cost per action) o ...

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  • On Sponsored Content and Product Reviews

    Whether or not you live in a country where there are specific regulations requiring online “influencers” and bloggers to offer an explicit disclosure statement when they are compensated in any way (including receiving “free” samples), it’s very important for you to as a blogger and online personality to differentiate between “honest” product reviews and out-and-out sponsored content.

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  • Other Bloggers Are Not Your Competition

    Think about the more traditional business environment. Think about how capitalism is supposed to work. You’ve got Coke and Pepsi. You’ve got Apple and Microsoft. You’ve got Toyota and Ford. It’s perfectly understandable to expect the executives working at one of these brands to look upon the other company as competition.

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  • What Makes You an Authority in Your Niche?

    I’m a member of a number of different groups on Facebook, spanning a rather broad array of interests. I’m part of a local buy/sell group. I’m part of a group that discusses Star Wars spoilers. I’m part of a local “foodies” group for finding the newest and best restaurants in town. One group where I’ve been able to find a tremendous sense of community is one with over 1,000 dad bloggers.

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  • 9 Advanced Site Design Terms You Should Know

    Most of us aren’t site designers by trade nor do we have any particular aspiration to take on the profession. But if you have any interest at all in owning or running a website, especially if you have any interest at all in making money from said website, it’s in your own best interest to have some fundamental understanding of what it all means.

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  • 6 Awesome Sites for Professional Logo Designs

    We’ve been told all our lives that we shouldn’t judge a book by its character. We’ve been told from the beginning of blogging that content is and always has been king. We’ve been told that appearances don’t matter, because it’s substance that will always prevail in the end. These may all be admirable ideals, but you know as well as I do that we simply don’t function that way.

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  • Why You Need to Pay Attention to Facebook Groups

    In terms of total monthly active users, Facebook remains the largest social network in the world by a very significant margin. According to recent statistics, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.7 billion monthly active users. The next two networks on the list “only” clock in at about 1.

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  • Top 5 Tips for More Focused Work Sessions

    Do you know what’s one of the best things about running your own business and being your own boss? No one can tell you what to do, when to do it, and why to do it the way you’re going to do it. Do you know what’s one of the hardest things about being your own boss? No one is there to tell you to do anything. And, as we all know, we can oftentimes be our own worst enemies.

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  • What’s Your Drug of Choice?

    One of the most fascinating things that you’ll learn about Internet marketing isn’t really the variety of ways you can make some serious money online. Instead, it’s the clear demonstration that just about anyone can come from just about any situation and discover tremendous success out the other side.

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  • The Hard Truth About Making Money Online

    … or making money at all, for that matter. The Internet has provided this tremendous opportunity for just about anyone from just about anywhere around the world to make a very comfortable living from the comforts of their home. All you need is a computer and a reliable Internet connection and you could be well on your way to giant yachts, fast cars, and glorious vacations.

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  • 5 Reasons Why Making Money Online Is Easier Than Ever

    I owe my career to the Internet. And I really, truly, honestly believe that. John owes his career to the Internet too. Everything came together at the right time about a decade ago when all of the necessary technologies coalesced such that what I do today was even possible. If it were not for the Internet, I’d probably be working your standard 9-to-5 office job with TPS report ...

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  • The Single Greatest Challenge You Will Face as an Internet Entrepreneur

    If you are a professional blogger, you might think that your biggest challenge is attracting a sizable and engaged audience. If you are an affiliate marketer, you might think that your biggest challenge is zeroing in on the perfect set of keywords for your search engine marketing campaign. If you run an online store, you might think that your biggest challenge is convincing web ...

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  • How I Save Thousands of Dollars Each Year Working from Home

    One of the greatest and most common fears that people have when they choose to quit their day jobs and pursue their online careers full time is that their new online businesses will not be able to fully replace their old income. They’ve grown accustomed to a certain standard of living by making a certain amount of money each year.

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  • 5 Social Media Tips That Will Never Change

    As far as we can gather, social media isn’t going anywhere, at least for the foreseeable future. Everyone online will continue to want to connect with everyone else online in some fashion. It may have started with simple text-based status updates and those will likely continue to persist, but we must also recognize that the face of social media and social networking will continue to change.

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  • Don’t Be Casey Neistat

    There are many ways you can make money on the Internet and one of the most accessible is on YouTube. The sheer variety of content on the world’s most popular video sharing platform is positively stupendous. And YouTube has this amazing ability to create Internet celebrities, whether or not these people intended to get all famous at all.

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  • It’s Not a Waste of Money

    A lot of people have this common misconception that more money is simply going to make all of their problems disappear. Now, don’t get me wrong, more money certainly can’t hurt the situation and it’s a terrific feeling when you can walk into a store, pick up anything you want, and not worry about paying the credit card bill at the end of the month. Money buys freedom.

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  • The Riches Are in the Niches

    I don’t remember exactly where and when I first heard that phrase, but I do remember thinking to myself that the line sounds a lot better with the American pronunciation so that “niches” rhymes with “riches.” Pronunciation aside, this really is a lesson that first time business owners — and that includes your online business — should really take to heart.

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  • What It Takes to Be a Successful Brand Ambassador

    “Like Mike. I wanna be like Mike…” Do you remember the Gatorade commercials from the 1990s that featured Michael Jordan? Or maybe you remember the Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan commercials for McDonald’s. Celebrity endorsements are certainly nothing new and they continue to be an important part of the marketing efforts of large, multinational mega corporations.

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