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  • Glispa Buys JustAd to Expand Playable Ad Options

    Glispa is a Berlin based mobile ad tech firm that has really been expanding through acquisition over the past two years. Over this period, they have bought out five companies, including their latest acquisition, JustAd. JustAd makes playable ads and has been growing in popularity recently, which likely lead to them being the target of this buyout.

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  • Facebook Targeted Jew Haters in Ads

    When a company like Facebook needs to take action based on their user’s data, it is impossible for a human to go through and analyze everything in an efficient way. This is why computer algorithms are so important for the success of many digital companies. While these algorithms can help companies make billions of dollars, they can also get them in trouble, which seems to be ...

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  • Is Mobile Really The Best Option for YouTube Advertising?

    If you ask a typical marketer what type of device should be targeted when buying YouTube ads, the most common answer would undoubtedly be smartphones. As the rapid move from desktop devices over to mobile options continues, this choice would make great sense. The problem is, it might be the wrong move according to the latest report from Strike Social titled, “Q3 2017 Data Rep ...

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  • Lenovo Reaches Settlement with FTC for Adware Suit

    The Federal Trade Commission accused Lenovo of installing malicious software on some of their laptops with the intent to be able to deliver ads to the consumers. The laptops came with a program known as VisualDiscovery (made by SuperFish) by default. This software would load up advertisements whenever someone would put their mouse over an image of a product that was sold by S ...

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  • Facebook Banning Fake News Sites from Buying Ads

    Today’s world of constantly evolving technology paired with the popularity of social networking sites allows us instant access to breaking news, trending activities and information at our fingertips. We are consistently bombarded with news every time we open our smart phones. In addition to having information available to us 24/7, we also have the ability to share information ...

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