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  • Digital Ad Spend in Ireland Shoots Up 31%

    The Interactive Advertising Bureau Ireland and PriceWaterHoueCoopers (PwC) has released new data that looks at digital ad spending trends in Ireland. The latest data shows that in 2016, Ireland set a new record with total spend, which hit $492.3 million. This is a surge of more than 31% from the previous year, and a higher rate of growth than was seen in 2015 (29%).

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  • FTC Going Hard After Influence Marketers

    Influence marketers, such as celebrities and those with large followings on social media, often promote products of some sort in exchange for payment or other perks. While this is a great way to supplement their income, it is important to make sure that viewers are aware that there is compensation for the marketing efforts.

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  • New Tool from TapInfluence Checks for FTC Compliance

    Brands and influencers have been getting in trouble with the FTC lately for failing to properly let people know when they are being compensated for certain activities, including posting on social media and other locations. To help combat this problem, TapInfluence has developed a first of its kind tool that will analyze content to determine whether it will pass FTC guidelines.

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  • Cost Per Lead Generation Coming to LinkedIn

    LinkedIn has announced that they will be offering advertisers a new option, which they are calling LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. The ad product will allow marketers to collect high quality leads from those on the employment based social network. LinkedIn says that these ads will provide, “high-quality leads from your Sponsored Content campaigns by removing the main barrier to mob ...

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  • New Search Options for Stories on Snapchat

    In an obvious effort to keep people on their platform longer, Snapchat has recently updated their search function to help people discover more stories based on their searches. The updated function will allow keyword searches for finding collections of Snaps that took place over a day (stories). For the moment, this new feature is only being rolled out to certain cities, whic ...

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  • Apps to be $139 Billion Per Year Market by 2021

    A new prediction from App Annie looks at what the future may be for the mobile app market, and it is certainly looking bright. Their research says that by 2021, the global app market will be $139 billion per year. This is just the money that people spend buying apps and paying for in-app purchases, it does not take into account the money that will be made through in-app advertising.

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  • Nearly 70% of Digital Media Time Spent on Mobile

    The new “2017 US Cross-Platform Future in Focus” report from comScore has recently been released, and it contains some interesting, though not necessarily surprising, information about how people are spending their digital time. The first thing that is to be noticed is that mobile devices now make up 69% of the time that users are spending on media.

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