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  • Pandora Making Big Push into Video Ads

    When people think of Pandora, they of course think of music. The company is hoping, however, that they can take their massive music loving audience, and get them to view video ads as well. With nearly 80 million active monthly listeners, this has the potential to be a large new source of inventory for video ads as well, which is becoming more and more important as the traditi ...

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  • Microsoft Joins the Coalition for Better Ads

    Microsoft is the latest company to join the Coalition for Better Ads, which formed a year ago to help understand the reasons why more and more consumers are deploying ad blocking software and otherwise not viewing ads. The group hopes to address the concerns of consumers so that consumers can get a positive overall ad experience, and brands will be able to benefit most from their ad campaigns.

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  • New Guidance on COPPA & Voice Recordings from FTC

    The Federal Trade Commission has released a new policy enforcement statement in regards to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). The statement focuses just on how this act applies to audio recordings of children that are taken by apps, toys, and other things. It seems that the FTC felt this update was necessary given the rapid growth of voice recognition, incl ...

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  • Native Videos from Facebook Get 530% MORE Comments

    Quintly recently conducted a study that looked at how videos posted to and advertised on Facebook are seen, liked, and commented on. As any marketer knows, interactions with these videos are a good thing that help to build brand awareness and lead people to making purchases or taking other desired actions. In the study, 187,000 pages with 7.5 million posts were analyzed.

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  • Latest IAB Digital AdSpend Report Released

    IAB has released their new Digital Adspend Report, which goes over all the latest information about the online marketing industry. This report contains quite a bit of information that marketers need to be aware of in order to plan their future efforts. The full report can be found HERE, or read on to get a summary of the report and how it pertains to the industry.

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  • Facebook Buys Teen Focused App ‘TBH’

    TBH is a relatively new social network that has been exploding in popularity over the past several months. It isn’t even available on the Google Play store (yet), and in September it was downloaded more than 3 million times on iOS. At several points, it was the most popular app on the market. The app, which stands for ‘To Be Honest’ is directed at teens and gives them an ano ...

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