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  • Pinterest Introduces Auto-Play Video Ads

    Pinterest is finally getting on board with the popular auto-play option for video ads, which other social media platforms have been capitalizing on for some time. These ads are now available for marketers to create and publish to search results as well as people’s feeds. The company has done fairly well with their existing video ads, so allowing the auto-play option will cert ...

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  • Quora’s New Ad Platform is Now Available Globally

    Quora is one of the most popular sites around for people to go to either ask questions, or provide answers to the questions provided by other people. It is a great way to gather crowd sourced answers to questions on just about any topic you can imagine. This company is valued at $1.8 billion with their last funding round, which is going to be surprising to many people.

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  • Another Facebook Update to Kill Clickbait

    Facebook has been putting a lot of effort into fighting ‘fake news’ and ‘clickbait’ posts for the past several months. A new change that has just been rolled out is going to help take this to a more granular level. This change allows their algorithms to better isolate individual clickbait posts that are shared by people who normally don’t do this type of thing.

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  • Looking for Digital Assistant Marketing? Turn to Amazon

    The digital assistant industry has really started to take off in a big way. This started primarily with smart phone options like Siri, but has now transitioned into devices such as the Amazon Echo and similar devices that help to improve home automation, entertainment, and much more. The potential to use these devices for advertising, data gathering, and marketing is quite si ...

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  • Is Data More Precious than Diamonds?

    According to a recent report from The Economist, Data is now the most valuable resource in the world. While this sounds a little odd on the surface, look at the list of the largest and most profitable companies in the world. While they may produce some physical products, the real value is in their data.

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