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  • Amazon Lowers Minimum Spend Threshold For Free Shipping

    About a year ago, Amazon increased the minimum amount that needed to be spent in order to qualify for free shipping, from $35 to $49. Within the last few days, without any formal announcement, Amazon lowered the minimum requirement back down to $35. According to Amazon’s free shipping help page: “Add at least $35 of eligible items or $25 of eligible books (in which case all ...

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  • Mobile Video Usage Nearly Caught Up to Desktop

    Thanks in part to the growing data limits, and the launch of many unlimited data plans, more and more people are using their mobile devices to watch videos. A study conducted by AOL found that 86% of consumers report that they watch videos on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. This compares to just 70% of desktop users.

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  • YouTube killing Must Watch 30 Seconds Ads Soon

    YouTube has decided that it is time to make a change to their offerings available to advertisers. Starting in 2018, the 30 second video ads that users are unable to skip will no longer be supported by the YouTube platform. Instead, YouTube will continue to focus on the success of the six-second bumper ads that have been available for roughly a year now Originally, the 30 sec ...

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  • Mobile Now Makes Up 21% of Online Spending

    comScore has released a new US e-Commerce spending numbers for the fourth quarter of 2016. For marketers, this is the most important quarter as it includes the holiday spending, which is where many people get their first taste of online shopping. The report found that for Q4 the total online spending reached $109.3 billion. Of that, $22.

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  • Top 5 countries Targeted by Mobile Ad Fraud

    Click Mob has recently released a new report that looks at click fraud, among other things, and how it is impacting the ad industry. The report found that ad fraud resulted in about $8.2 billion in lost money for advertisers. It also led to a growing sense of distrust of much of the ad industry. While digital advertising is still effective and affordable, as prices continue t ...

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  • State of Internet Security Report Released from Akamai

    One of the leading content delivery networks in the world, Akamai, has released their Fourth Quarter 2016 State of the Internet / Security Report. This is an important report for people who work with cloud technologies, treat management, and more. Of course, it also provides valuable insights into threats that may be present against websites and other digital properties that ...

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  • Did Land Rover Fund Terrorism Through Buying Ads?

    The auto company Jaguar Land Rover, is running into some problems with their digital advertising in the UK. The company, like most their size, is using programmatic ad purchasing to get their ads out in front of as wide a range of people as possible who may be interested in buying their vehicles. Reports are coming out, however, that their ads are appearing on some very questionable websites.

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  • 30% Rise of Ad Blocking Use Globally in 2016

    Ad blocking was a major issue over the past year, and it got a lot of news coverage both within the digital marketing world and with the public in general. A recent report that was published by PageFair found that over this time, the global usage of ad blocking software has gone up by 30%. This growth makes it so about 11% of Internet users globally are using some type of ad blocking software.

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  • FTC Publishes Guidelines on Cross-Device Tracking

    Just about everyone these days accesses the internet on multiple devices. Whether it is a PC and smartphone, a phone and tablet, office PC and laptop, or any other type of combination (or more likely, all of the above), ad networks work hard to track activities on all of them. When ad networks can track a single person’s activity across multiple devices, they are much more ab ...

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  • Super Bowl Hashtags Dropping Fast

    The real loser of the Super Bowl may very well be hashtags. And yes, the Falcons #blew it. Back in Super Bowl 48 57% of all the commercials shown included a hash tag to try to bring users from the TV to social media accounts. Since then, it has gone downhill for this effort, and this year really took a nose dive.

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  • Canadians Becoming Addicted to Apps in 2016

    A new report from Flurry, a subsidiary of Yahoo, released a report that found that Canadians are rapidly increasing the amount of time they are spending on mobile apps. While the global growth of usage of apps is starting to slow down, Canada is still speeding up. The report looked at 14,500 apps across about 38.6 million devices in Canada. It found that there was a 74% increase in usage.

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  • Google AMP Ads load 6X Faster!

    Having pages load quickly is essential for providing users with a good experience. In addition, faster load times can help improve rankings on Google and the other search engines. This is why Google made Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, as an advertising format to help speed up the load times of ads and content on pages.

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  • 90% Hate Programmatic Contracts

    Programmatic ad buying offers a lot of advantages to advertisers. It is very convenient, and when done properly it can be quite effective. It is also very popular, especially with larger brands that find the convenience of having a significant portion of their digital ads automatically handled for them without the need of having human interaction at every step.

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