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  • Quickly See Video Ad View Count with New Twitter Feature

    Seeing how many people have seen an ad is important for marketers, and it has been getting easier on many platforms. Facebook and YouTube, for example, have long displayed the total view count on all videos, including advertisements. Twitter is finally joining this trend so that people can see how many users have viewed it. This will apply both to organic videos and paid advertisements.

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  • Be Careful When Using Customer Data

    For marketers, gathering user data and using it to improve ad targeting or sales tactics in general is one of the smartest things that can be done. The fact is, however, that it is even more important ot make sure you are using the data you are able to gather in an honest and transparent way. According to a new survey from SAP Hybris, most consumers (almost 80%) would stop bu ...

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  • WhatsApp Launching New Business App

    WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat applications used today. Several years ago the system was bought by Facebook, which helped it to grow in popularity. The company had recently announced that they would be working on a business focused version of the app, which would allow companies and brands to create their own profiles for use in customer service and other activities.

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  • FTC Issues New Report for Improved Native Ad Disclosures

    The FTC is taking another step toward helping marketers, and others, ensure they are complying with the requirements for ad disclosures. Prominent disclosures have been a priority for a number of years now, and they continue to make efforts to force companies to clearly display their ads. The latest step they are taking is releasing a new report, which they titled, “Blurred ...

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  • Why Users Block Ads on Mobile

    A new study has been conducted and released by Free Adblocker Browser (FAB), which is a mobile browser option for Android devices. This browser has a built in ad blocker, and they were looking to learn what types of things prompt users to start blocking services. With this in mind, they surveyed US consumers to discover their reasoning.

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  • First Lottery Affiliate Program Launched in Michigan

    Income Access and the Michigan Lottery have announced the launching of an affiliate program to help grow the Michigan ‘iLottery’ services. Michigan’s web-based lottery services are the fastest growing in the United States already, and they are looking to continue that momentum. They have revenue of about $7 million currently, and this has been going up steadily.

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  • Snap Now Offering Ads with AR Capability

    Snap has just released two new advertising formats that are designed to be more immersive than ever. The formats mark the first significant entrance into augmented reality (AR) advertising for the Snapchat platform. This type of advertising may prove to be quite effective for their target market of teenagers and those in their early twenties.

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  • Online Ad Prices Rising Due to Ads.txt Adoption

    Since Google began blocking the purchase of unauthorized inventory by using the relatively new ads.txt anti-fraud strategy on November 8th, the prices of ads has started to rise. In many ways, this makes a lot of sense given the fact that by dramatically reducing the amount of fraud in the ad system, marketers and brands can be assured of a higher quality product.

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  • Is ClearCoin the Future of Ad Fraud Prevention?

    Ad fraud is one of the biggest issues that the marketing industry is facing today. With brands losing billions of dollars to bots, malware, and other issues, it is something that really needs to be taken seriously. Despite this, many ad networks have continued to try to take the ‘business as usual’ route, and seem to hope that brands will just accept the estimated 20% loss to ...

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