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  • Daily Content May Boost Traffic 100+%

    According to a recent case study performed by Brafton, one of the best ways to build traffic levels on your website is to publish new content on a daily basis. The study looked at how daily posts about a specific topic can draw in a steady stream of new visitors, and keep existing visitors coming back for more on a regular basis.

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  • New Native Ad Creator for Mobile Launched by LiquidM

    LiquidM, an industry leading mobile advertising management platform, has launched a new native ad creator in order to help marketers create ads that look great on mobile devices. The new technology helps to blend ads naturally into existing content, helping to provide a beautiful experience for customers that should translate into higher click through rates and other great benefits.

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  • Facebook May Open Doors to Kids Under 13

    The details of a Patent that was applied for by Facebook back in 2012 have just gone public, and may be the latest clue that the social network may be looking to open up membership to children under 13 years old. The site has long prevented kids from joining due to a variety of regulations and privacy problems it would cause, but the patent they filed seems to attempt to address these concerns.

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  • Klout Research Identifies Most Engaging Social Subjects

    When engaging in social marketing the most important thing to do is get people to interact with your posts. While sometimes you just need to push out a specific bit of information to your readers, the majority of social posts will typically be made to help draw in an audience. With this in mind, it is best to do whatever you can to encourage social engagement with all your posts.

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  • Snapchat In Trouble With FTC

    Snapchat, the popular photo and video sharing app which promises the content users share will disappear quickly, has settled with the FTC over false marketing and lax security. The FTC accused Snapchat of deceptive marketing and allowing a security breach earlier this year due to the fact that data from up to 4.6 million of its users could be compromised.

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  • FTC to Police Cyber Security

    The Federal Trade Commission Act provides the FTC with the authority to enforce unfair or deceptive practices, and seek relief for ‘conduct injurious to consumers.’ This has been going on for quite some time, and while controversial in some circles, it has gone largely unchallenged. Recently, however, the FTC has begun to test their authority when it comes to policing cyber se ...

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  • Google Being Sued for Android Tie-In Apps

    Google is being sued in federal court in San Jose, California on a case that claims Google is violating monopoly laws in their Android OS App tie-ins. Google requires manufacturers, such as Samsung, use less popular applications if they want to include apps like YouTube. The suit claims that this requirement is “designed to maintain and extend its monopolies.

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  • New Report finds Targeted Cyber-Attacks up 91% in 2013

    Symantec has recently released their “Internet Security Threat Report 2014,” and in it they found that targeted cyber-attacks went up dramatically last year. The number of so called ‘spear-phishing’ attacks went up by 91% last year, with the report calling 2013, “the year of the mega breach.” With a 62% increase in the number of security breaches, and a significant number of t ...

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  • Significant Growth to Twitter User Base

    Twitter recently published their first quarter, 2014 results. While the company has struggled with their stock price initially, their declared revenues of $250 Million for the quarter may be a good sign. 80% of the revenue came from its mobile ads, which is not surprising. Perhaps the most significant area of growth for Twitter was their number of active users.

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  • FTC Update to COPPA Affects Businesses

    The FTC has recently published an updated FAQ regarding their COPPA standards. COPPA, which stands for Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, is one of the most significant set of standards that anyone doing any online business in education or other youth focused niches need to be aware of. The updates, according to the FTC, are directed at both educational institutions and ...

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