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  • Is Ads.txt Fraud Already Here?

    Ads.txt is a fairly system that was developed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to help combat ad fraud. The system is just a txt file that publishers can add to their webserver. The file will list all authorized inventory sellers, so that unauthorized reselling as well as domain spoofing can be combatted.

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  • Significant Growth in Mobile UK Ad Spend

    Recent reports came out that looked at the ad spend in the UK. The report found that the overall market grew at a rate of 3.7%, bringing the total to £10.8 Billion. This is the largest total spend for the first half of any year since tracking began (back in 1982). Not surprisingly, digital ad spend generated the vast majority of the growth. Digital ads in general grew 54%, to £5.8 Billion.

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  • Taking Advantage of Amazon to Turn Profits

    When it comes to making money online, partnering up with Amazon is one of the most popular and most effective options. While it can be difficult to build up a huge ‘empire’ strictly with Amazon, it does present a lot of opportunities, and can be combined with many other strategies. Given the fact that Amazon will likely hit $100 billion in annual sales in the fairly near futu ...

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  • Facebook to Test Pre-Roll Ads

    When Facebook displays videos, they often include a ‘mid-roll’ advertisement about half way through. This has been a successful way to for them to monetize the massive number of videos that they show to users. In the past, Mark Zuckerberg has commented that this was their preferred method, and that pre-roll ads on videos weren’t in the company’s future. It seems that this is now changing.

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  • CEO of Tumblr Steps Down

    Tumblr has fallen out of the spotlight since it was purchased by Yahoo for $1.1 billion in 2013. This platform is still used by many marketers to push out content, build links, and get in front of the fairly decent number of people who still use it. The CEO of the microblogging site, David Karp, has announced that he is stepping down and that Jeff D’Onofrio will be taking the helm.

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  • Why are European Marketers Preparing for GDPR

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become effective in May of 2018, and it is going to have a huge impact on the way marketers conduct business in Europe. This set of regulations is designed to provide one overarching set of guidelines that everyone must follow. In theory, this is supposed to make it simpler to know what rules and regulations apply to a compan ...

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  • Amazon Pushing their Videos for Holiday Season

    Last year Amazon began a new option for its merchant partners that would allow them to have videos posted to the retail giant to help boost sales. The site would help to make promotional and instructional videos on things like baby products, pet supplies, electronics and more, which would then be used to draw customers in and keep them from clicking similar advertisements pus ...

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