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  • 5 ways to use personalized video in your next marketing campaign

    Personalized video is the happy, and very effective, marriage of two of today’s hottest marketing trends: personalization and video. We’re personalizing everything these days. From shoes to cars, businesses have discovered that the more something feels uniquely yours, the more likely you are to buy it.

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  • It’s time to get personal with email

    Everyone with an email inbox knows that there are a lot of people vying for our attention. Every day, I get hundreds of emails. A few of them are even from people I know, but a bunch come from businesses I partner with for Vidyard (my employer), are newsletters I’ve signed up for or are from companies that want me to notice them with the hope I’ll eventually become a customer.

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  • Video Marketing Lessons From People Who Have Been There, Done That

    For the past few months, you’ve read my suggestions, tips and encouragement to invest in video marketing as a strategic initiative within your business. It’s a subject about which I’m extremely passionate. Today I’m going to share lessons from some others who are equally passionate — the innovative marketing and sales leaders from across different industries who use video to ...

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  • Why You Need To Make Video Part Of Your Marketing Automation Strategy

    I’m going to start off with a bold assumption: You’ve stood in front of another person and had a conversation at some point in your life, possibly even in the last few hours. When we talk to other people, we watch their body language — how they hold their arms, where their eyes focus, how they use their hands — to look for indications of how interested they are in the conversation.

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  • How To Use Video To Enhance Your Email Marketing Campaigns

    Love it or hate it, email is at the heart of many business relationships, and it is one of the main tools marketers use to develop and nurture relationships with prospective customers. Unfortunately, our inboxes are inundated with messages. It’s hard enough to get a response from someone expecting your email, let alone from someone who knows you’re trying to sell them something.

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  • How To Use Video Throughout The Buying Journey To Boost Conversions And Engagement

    The play button is quickly becoming the most compelling call-to-action on the Web. Odds are you’ve been drawn in by that shiny triangle just begging you to click it. While many marketers have started to see the power of video to engage audiences and educate potential customers about their brands, I still see way too many who create a broad introductory video and then call it quits.

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  • How To Use Video Content To Generate, Qualify And Score Leads

    As much as we’d like to create videos just to entertain people and make them laugh, at some point, your boss is going to ask what your videos are doing to help the company. You do work in the marketing department, after all, and your sales team has an insatiable appetite for leads. Fortunately, you shouldn’t have to search too hard for an answer because video offers amazing ...

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  • 7 Tips For Launching A Video Marketing Strategy

    If my last post, “Video Is A Marketer’s Best Friend,” did its job, you’ve already decided that your organization must start using video to engage your audiences. It helps generate new leads and qualify and nurture the ones you have. And it’s measurable, so you know whether it’s working. But how do you get started? I’ve seen businesses large and small stall their efforts befo ...

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