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  • Is Black Hat SEO Worth it?

    Let me directly answer the question first and then delve into the details. Black hat SEO is worth it if it addresses your needs, helps you to succeed in whatever quest you have online and if you don’t get caught by the search engine giants. It is not worthwhile if you have a long term quest, if you are running a genuine or credible business and your intention is not a quick gai ...

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  • How to use A/B Testing to Improve your Website

    A/B testing (also known as split testing or bucket testing) is a simple process to figure out the better way of doing things. It can apply to anything in life, from cooking to taking a particular route to your office, playing a game to having an argument with your beloved. When A/B testing is applied to your website or landing page, it simply means a method to determine what w ...

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  • 10 SEO Tools You Should Be Using into 2016

    Let us begin with a caveat. Search engine optimization is still evolving. What was relevant and worked five years ago do not have any impact today. In fact, what works today may not work forever. Google and the likes of Bing or Yahoo are constantly changing the rules of the game. It is crucial for search engines to change with time and overcome the challenges put forth by blac ...

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  • 5 Secrets of an Effective Lead Generation Strategy

    Lead generation is a quintessential need of most businesses. A company that excels with its lead generation campaigns will always manage to close more sales and certainly more revenue. Every company wants to increase the number of leads they get and a solid lead generation strategy can do just that.

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  • How Much Content Do I Need to Rank High in Search Engines?

    When it comes to creating content that is designed to increase visibility and traffic to any website, there are many details that matter. Not only does the content need to offer some type of value to readers, but the presence of keywords is also critical. There seems to be an ongoing debate involving the optimal amount of content for SEO.

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  • How to Find the Best Web Hosting Company

    It can be a complicated process finding the best web hosting company for your business. Even more, it can be quite confusing when you have to choose between various hosting plans and services each hosting company offers. You can find some of the top hosting companies from GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, Dreamhost and a whole lot of others.

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