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  • Tips for Using Facebook Lookalike Audiences and Google Similar Audiences

    Remember the days when you’d set up a generic ad campaign, pick a few short-tail keywords, then throw up some ads on Google AdWords—praying for click throughs and conversions to magically appear out of thin air? Those days weren’t very long ago, but thankfully, they’re gone forever. Today ad targeting is smarter and more precise than ever before, largely thanks to platforms li ...

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  • How Effective Is Live Streaming For Your Brand?

    As social media continues to explode, companies are on an evolving quest for new ways of sharing content. In the past, most businesses stuck to blogging on their website, which made sense: It’s historically been the cheapest, easiest, and most time efficient means of generating brand awareness. And while mastering the written word remains essential, studies are indicating that ...

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