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  • 9 Definitions: How Content Marketing Works Within Marketing

    One topic that generates a lot of interest on our blog is how content marketing relates to other disciplines. Readers want to understand how content marketing fits within their overall marketing plan, and we have written about this topic over time. Next time you are asked – or simply wonder – how content marketing is related to insert your approach of choice, come back to this ...

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  • A Template to Simplify Your Editorial Reporting

    We all have the best of intentions to communicate regularly with our teams about what content is working well in editorial. Yet, too often those intentions become overwhelmed by the day-to-day activities. A systematic approach to editorial reporting, however, can make action possible. And after all, we know that a documented content marketing strategy enables content marketin ...

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  • Elevate Your Marketing Career: 5 Ways to Invest in You

    You. That’s the topic of my post today. You. I recently participated in a panel for the Detroit Content Strategy Meetup, and one of the questions posed by our moderator, Chris Moritz, was this: Considering all of the changes in the industry, what is one thing that all content professionals need to be focused on? Perhaps surprisingly, the three panelists all had similar a ...

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  • 3 Ways to Use Transparency in Content to Cut Through the Noise

    “It’s getting very, very difficult for product companies and services companies to differentiate … Content allows you to do that. That is the biggest opportunity.” I often think about this view that Robert Rose shared in the documentary, The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing. Do you market a product or service that is a commodity? I can’t think of a better example ...

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  • Focus Your Marketing: Define Your 3(ish) Critical Words

    Kind. True. Necessary. Those are the three words my good friend uses to help her kids understand whether they are making good choices with what they say. “Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary,” she asks when they may have said something that is rude or unintentionally hurtful. I initially thought her approach was a bit out there, but I decided to see if it would help my ...

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  • Become a More Effective Marketer in 2016: 5 Questions to Answer

    Our annual content marketing research literally has thousands of data points our research team digs through each year. While the quantitative data is interesting, we get most excited about pondering ways to turn the findings into actionable ideas to help you improve your content marketing. One of the key areas we focus on is effectiveness: What percentage of survey respondents ...

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  • 7 Stolen Content Marketing Ideas You Can Use Today

    In 2013, Joe Pulizzi published a popular post called 8 Remarkable (and Stolen) Content Marketing Ideas. In it, he shared his favorite ideas from others in the content marketing space. While those original “stolen” ideas are definitely worth revisiting, here are seven more from 2015 that came from blog posts and Content Marketing World speakers.

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  • 3 (Easy) Ways to Truly Surprise Your Audience

    Year after year, one of the top findings – and challenges – identified in our annual content marketing research is that marketers want to create content that is more engaging. It’s a top priority for any marketer no matter how effective or how big the company. One way to engage: Surprise your audience.

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