• AdWords Account Structure: Part Two

    Welcome to the second and final part of my intro into AdWords account structure, this time with 100% less weather induced angst. Sadly, this post also has 100% less “The Price Is Right” and 100% more convoluted account structure theory. Last time, we covered why account structure is something we definitely need to worry about, segmentation as the key to glory, and the necessity ...

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  • My Top 3 Back-To-School Organization Tools

    This is the 14th year I have had children going to school and the first one that my oldest did not head back with the rest. (He is heading to the Air Force.) While it is weird for me to have one all done with back to school, one thing that is not changing is the list of my top 3 back-to-school organization tools.

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  • AdWords Account Structure: Part 1

    I was going to start off this blog post with a really introspective quote about order and chaos by Henry Adams and then expound for a few thousand words on the eternal struggle in executing ideal account structure ideologies. Don’t worry, I’ve decided against that route; mostly because I realised I was only tempted to do this due to the “rain” themed playlist I had on and it wa ...

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  • The Financial Impact of Eating Whole Foods

    After years of indecision about what to eat, I recently made the leap to eating whole foods and nearly eliminating all processed foods. The indecision was due to the massive amounts of conflicting information out there. I just could not decide which way to go – eat grains or exclude them? Eat meat or go vegan? Is organic worth it? What would the financial impact be? How woul ...

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  • One Change Turned My Marriage Around (And It’s Free!)

    I recently spent some time at rest and during that time I evaluated how things are going in my life. Let’s just say there was some room for improvement. So I set out to make some changes in a couple of areas, one of which was my marriage. My husband, Steve, and I are in our 21st year of marriage. We have 4 kids, ages 18, 16, 10 and 7. Life is in a busy season for us, full of abundance.

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  • Christmas in July: Cool Stuff in PPC This Month

    Paid search Santa came early this year, delivering a whole bunch of goodies to the children of Account-Managementland. We’ve hoped and we’ve dreamed and we’ve been good all year long. Now it’s time for presents. image from beach-around-the-world.blogspot.co.uk To PPC Account Managers, From Google: PLA Product Reviews – Google announced product reviews for PLAs (product lis ...

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  • Cincinnati Food and Wine Classic

    My life has taken me to yet another state – now I’m in Georgia! – so I’m a bit out of touch with what it available in Cincinnati right now. But Facebook keeps me informed! I just saw something whoosh by in my feed about the Cincinnati Food & Wine Classic. Taking place in Washington Park on Sept 12-13, it ...

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  • Data Feeds And Google Shopping: Are you doing everything you can?

    You Need To Be On Google Shopping Hands up if your business is currently on Google Shopping? Now, hands up if you have a data feed in the Google Merchant Center? (Hint, if you raised your hand the first time, it should still be raised). Now how about all of you who have a data feed but aren’t advertising on Google Shopping? Is the last time you thought about this when Google Sho ...

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