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  • Dedicated thank you pages are no longer optional for PPC

    I hate to be dramatic, but that's just the way I've been feeling recently. Are there technically ways to get around having a dedicated Thank You page on your site? Sure. There are ways to get around just about anything you want. But for the short and long term effects on your account, as well as being able to adapt to the ever-changing advertising environment, it's come tim ...

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  • 4 Red Flags When Hearing a PPC Agency Pitch

    The process of finding a PPC agency can be stressful and a bit of a crap shoot. If you've never met these people or they haven't been vouched for by someone you trust, it's hard to determine their legitimacy. Unfortunately, there's not one question you can ask to make sure the agency you're talking to is the right fit, but there are some things that come up during the sales p ...

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  • Which Placements Should I Exclude on the Google Display Network?

    The display network can be a minefield of good placements mixed in with the bad. At times, the difference between the two is no more than a couple of characters in a URL. It's hard to know which sites you should and shouldn't be serving on without looking at each site individually, so when someone asks whether they should keep or exclude a placement, my answer always varies.

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  • Your Terrible Website is Ruining Your PPC Performance

    PPC isn't just about jumping into Google AdWords or Bing Ads, setting up an account, and watching the dollars come flooding in. There's much more to it than that. Bid adjustments, keyword selection, ad copy testing, etc. all play a part in your PPC success but a common piece that continuously gets overlooked is the last thing a potential customer sees: the website.

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  • My 4 Favorite Google Analytics Reports for PPC Optimization

    As a search marketer, we’re constantly reviewing and optimizing campaigns to improve performance. But at times we can get a bit myopic and focus only on the performance found in the advertising platforms themselves. In an effort to broaden some horizons and refresh those others who’ve travelled there before, I’m going to share my four favorite ways to use Google Analytics to he ...

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