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  • The Wild and Crazy Guide to Writing Sentences

    The “gurus.” The Internet marketers. The social media experts. The serial product launchers. (Even some popular bloggers are guilty of it.) “Blogging is easy,” they say glibly. “And it’ll bring you all the attention, money and recognition you desire.” “All you have to do is write epic content.

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  • How to Write Correctly: The Busy Blogger’s Guide to English Grammar

    Let’s get real here. You’re a creative thinker, not a nitpicky grammar geek. When you sit down to write you like to write, not dither around with mechanics. So when the words start flowing, you don’t want to get in their way by thinking about all those little details. Not to mention the time factor. As in you can barely find the bandwidth to write as it is, let alone edit for grammar.

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