michelle stern, vp sales operations and channel partnerships

  • The 5 Most Frequently Searched Queries in Nanigans Software Help Center

    The Nanigans help center is a one-stop digital marketing shop, providing customers with on-demand articles and videos covering topics as varied as mobile RTB and data integration. For campaign managers with specific questions, the FAQ section is often a popular destination. Curious about what our most frequently searched questions and features are? Read on. 1.

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  • The Secret to Customer Success at Nanigans

    We’ve been partnering with some of the sharpest marketers at large brands and high growth start-ups for four years, and our top priority is that customers achieve their digital advertising goals. Nanigans transitioned its model to SaaS this year not only to provide customers with cost savings benefits, but also to better enable them to capitalize on their in-house business expertise.

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