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  • A complete Local SEO guide for small businesses

    A practical local SEO guide for business owners. Have you ever used Google to find something nearby? Like searching for “sushi”, “locksmith” or “nightclub”? If your business has a physical address such as a storefront, you should consider using local SEO to get new customers. Local SEO helps you get customers using a location keyword in their search (such as “Irving Park Plum ...

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  • Five common keyword research mistakes you need to avoid

    Avoid these mistakes to do proper keyword research. Before you dive into keyword research for your site, you should know about these common mistakes that many businesses and SEO firms make. Avoiding these mistakes can save you time, help you re-think your marketing strategy, and drive the right customers to your site.

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  • Five absolutely vital elements for mobile SEO success

    Is your website mobile-friendly? 2016 marks the first year that mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic, yet many businesses have still neglected to take mobile devices into account. Their websites aren’t optimized for mobile search, and simply don’t look good on phones and tablets. Not only does this cause frustrated users to leave the site, it’s a big problem for your SEO as well.

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  • Images: three optimisation tips to help speed up your site

    People like fast websites and so does Google. In fact, your website’s speed is a ranking factor in Google search engine results. If your site loads quickly, it’s more likely to appear when people search for your brand. This along with the knowledge that a fast site provides a better user experience (UX), means that a faster website can lead to higher conversions.

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