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  • Why your brand should obsess over its customers, not its competitors

    Yes, this is another Amazon story. But this one isn’t about its latest acquisition, innovation or market share growth. It’s a story about what gave Amazon headliner status in the first place, something too often overlooked by companies scrambling to compete in its wake: customer obsession. Twenty years ago, in his first letter to shareholders, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos prea ...

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  • When it comes to building brand infatuation, easy does it

    As a couple strolls down a grocery aisle in a recent episode of HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” the woman turns to the man and says, “You do realize I’m literally the only person in this entire grocery store who’s actually buying stuff for myself?” And the shot widens, revealing a store filled with Instacart, TaskRabbit and Postmates employees filling up carts for their on-demand customers.

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  • 3 reasons why customer identity should top retailers’ 2017 holiday wish lists

    For all the buzz about creating superior customer experiences, marketers still seem to be falling flat heading into the all-important holiday shopping season. A recent study of global shoppers found that when it comes to brand experience indicators, retailers scored a meager 33 points out of 100, lacking in three key aspects of consumer engagement: in-store integration, mobi ...

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  • How customer identity solutions slash churn — and boost revenue

    Recently, I spoke with a CMO in the retail sector who told me that about 50 percent of his customers buy once and then never buy again. And he knows that slicing that attrition rate by just one or two percentage points would drive millions of dollars to the bottom line. This is a common challenge, not just for retailers, but for many brands.

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  • Break through 5 common barriers to contextual marketing and connected experiences

    Do your marketing programs encourage customers to regularly log in to the brand website or app? Or make use of CRM (customer relationship management) or loyalty membership data to capture known-customer behavior offline? Are you collecting behavioral data across web, mobile app and physical-world touch points? If so, then you have a powerful foundation for fueling genuine 1:1 engagements at t.

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  • 3 ways CMOs can win the hearts of customers — and CEOs

    This year, at least 30 percent of CEOs will fire their CMOs for not having the right skill set to successfully lead digital transformation. Now, that’s harsh. But let’s face it, digital has rocked our world. Technology has not only changed the buying power of consumers; it’s changed what they want, think and expect.

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  • 3 ways to thrive in the year of customer experience

    2016 was a whirlwind year for marketers. The battle for consumer share-of-wallet intensified as Amazon continued to capture spend, reporting a record-setting Prime Day and its most successful holiday season to date. Innovations like artificial intelligence and virtual reality made their way from science fiction into the real world, opening new doors for customer engagement.

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  • ID graphs: The path to identity resolution

    Among consistently hot marketing subjects like mobile and social, or buzzed-about trends like artificial intelligence and marketing automation, identity is emerging as a key marketing topic. Recognizing customers across devices and stitching that information together into a single view has never been more relevant.

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  • Go for the gold: Mastering cross-device marketing

    The Rio Olympics broke records, but not just for athletic performance or medal counts. The 17-day event was trumpeted as the most ambitious media event in history, delivering an average total prime time audience of nearly 28 million viewers, one of the largest Olympic audiences in history. Viewers around the world were able to watch the amazing athletic feats of Simone Bile ...

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  • 3 digital marketing trends the customer-centric CMO must prepare for now

    Digital marketing is on the precipice of major change, driven by new technologies and the multi-screening, highly connected consumer. Consider the following recent research that demonstrate the pain points in the industry: While these statistics are concerning, for pioneering CMOs, they highlight the opportunities for improvement and forward momentum.

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  • Ads not performing? Strategies to steal from the email marketing playbook

    I don’t know a marketer today who doesn’t marvel at the pace the industry is moving. But ask any CMO what his or her priorities are, and chances are good that a key focus today was also on the priority list five, 10, even 20 years ago — and will continue to remain so for years into the future. What marketing goal could possibly stand this test of time? The answer: connecting with customers.

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