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  • Social Media Smackdown with WWE’s “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

    This past Sunday, Internet Marketing Ninjas stepped into the ring with WWE Hall of Famer “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan for a hard-hitting ‘Social Media Smackdown’. Through a live-streamed event that engaged fans on both Twitter and YouTube, the inaugural Royal Rumble Winner gave analysis and thoughts on the big event, answered questions from fans from all over the world, and had fun gi ...

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  • Digital Dojo: When You’re ‘Lack Toast and Tolerant’

    Recently, you’ve probably seen something that caught your eye on Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace, and quickly slapped that ‘Share’ or ‘Retweet’ icon as fast as you could. The problem is, and you may not realize it, is that most of what you’re sharing with your friends is usually boring to everyone but you. There’s only one way to fix this problem, and that’s to share more cool infographics.

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  • Internet Marketing Ninjas Tag Teaming With A WWE Hall of Famer

    The 29th Annual WWE Survivor Series is on the horizon, and there’s no better way to watch than with a Legend of the Squared Circle. On Sunday, November 22nd, Internet Marketing Ninjas will be Tag Teaming with WWE Hall of Famer “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan for a fan-engaged event that will be live-streamed on IMN’s YouTube Channel, with Twitter being thrown into the action as well.

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  • Digital Dojo: Batman Might Need A Lawyer

    Each day, it seems like there are hundreds of infographics popping up online. Some are excellent, while others are so poor that they can make you want to give your screen a lethal Hadouken. Trust me, I’ve been there. However, it’s pretty easy to see at first glance which are worth taking a look at, and which you’ll be able to pull some valuable and fun information from.

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  • Digital Dojo: 9 Infographics Worth Checking Out

    Infographics are a perfect way to learn about new things, while also being exposed to creative and fun designs. The best infographics aren’t always the ones that simply look the most visually appealing either. They need to have information in them that readers will find value in, while also being nice to look at. Solid information and unique design together create the perfect infographic.

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