Miles Olson

  • Position Bidding vs. CPC Bidding: A Comparison Of Two Bid Optimization Methods

    There are two competing approaches to bid optimization that I’ve found are most commonly used by top PPC analysts. There is the approach that I primarily use, which determines optimal bid levels to reach an ROI/volume goal. I’m going to call this ‘Direct ROI Bidding’. The other approach determines optimal position to reach an ROI/volume goal. Then bids are adjusted to get to that position.

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  • Driving Phone Conversions – Let’s Talk

    For the vast majority of lead gen campaigns, the ultimate goal is to get the prospect on the phone. Whether you’re driving leads for financial services, education, or home services, the final completion of a sale often requires a phone conversation to close the deal. And to address this interest in getting users on the phone, a wealth of call tracking technologies have been made available.

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