Mindy Weinstein

  • How Much Should We Still Care About Duplicate Content?

    Ever since Google Panda was unleashed, duplicate content has been a focus of SEOs. In this instance, duplicate content is referred to as large blocks of content within the website that is repeated. The belief has been that duplicate content — although it is not cause for a penalty, unless it appears deceptive — hurts the overall quality of the website.

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  • 4 Ways to Track Traditional Local Media Using Digital

    Traditional versus digital. Depending on whom you ask, some will say that digital marketing is the way to go. Others will challenge this statement and argue that traditional advertising is still hot and draws in customers. Who is right? And if traditional does work, how to do you measure the success in a highly digital world? The truth is, digital and traditional can work together.

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  • SMB Content Marketing: Avoid the Backward Approach

    Is your approach to SMB content marketing backwards? Whether a business is local or not, content drives the bulk of digital marketing. Google rewards quality websites, which transcends into relevant and authoritative content. A successful content marketing campaign involves topics that resonate with the intended audience, creates buzz on social media and attracts high quality links.

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