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  • Delivering Your Company’s Marketing Message on Social Media

    Social media is an essential part of any effective marketing campaign. According to Pew Research, 62 percent of American adults use Facebook, 26 percent use Pinterest, 24 percent use Instagram, 22 percent use LinkedIn and 20 percent use Twitter. With this proportion of your target market on social media, your business can’t afford not to have a social media marketing presence.

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  • Leverage Your Marketing Campaigns by Targeting Wearable Technology

    Apple didn’t create the first smartwatch, but it did bring the industry into the spotlight now that the Apple Watch is selling in 48 different countries around the world. So as to not be outdone by a competitor, Android-producing companies like Samsung are jumping in with the Gear S2 — now smartwatches are everywhere. But if smartwatches are the present, virtual reality is the future.

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  • Four Great Cities for Business Startups

    Entrepreneurship is thriving most vibrantly in states and cities conducive to business. The Kaufmann Index identified Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and Colorado as the states hosting the greatest startup activity in 2015. These four metro areas also stand out as hotspots for entrepreneurs seeking a new home for their startup.

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  • How Millennials Will Shape the American Economy

    Time Magazine labeled Millennials the “Me Me Me Generation” in 2013, and it was an article that sparked controversy from both younger and older readers. Time called America’s youth “narcissistic, overconfident, entitled and lazy,” but Millennials may turn out to be the most productive generation in our nation’s history.

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  • Audience First: How to Build a Business Without a Product

    For most entrepreneurs and inventors, the first step to forming a business often involves developing a product or service. It’s business school 101. However, this isn’t always the case, especially in this hyper-connected world. Now, an increasingly successful approach to starting a business has been to develop and grow an audience before the product: the Content Inc. model.

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  • Impress Potential Investors: a Step-by-Step Guide

    Meeting with potential investors requires crucial planning and preparation. You must be well-equipped with the knowledge that will entice investors and show off the value of your company. Impress your potential investor with information on growth potential, your business concept, and evidence of your customer connection.

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  • Where and How Brands Can Reach Millennials

    During the first quarter of 2015, millennials overtook Generation X to become the largest generation in the U.S. workforce with over 53 million workers, according to PewResearch Center. This should perk the ears of any company who is attempting to capture and keep a healthy market share of this generation. Brands need to understand millennials to capitalize on their purchasing power.

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  • 3 Marketing Partnerships that Worked & Why

    The marketing team at Burger King came up with a genius proposal in August—call a ceasefire with rival fast food chain McDonald’s and join forces to a create a burger that could possibly solve world peace. It was called the McWhopper and Burger King formally asked McDonald’s to help make them at select locations around the world to celebrate Peace Day on September 21.

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  • Graphics: An Omnichannel Presence

    Graphics: An Omnichannel Presence Jul 8, 2015 Learn more about graphics and how they work. Vist Bigstock for more information. About Missy Ward Missy Ward has been in affiliate marketing since 1999. She is the ...

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  • Blogs that Entrepreneurs Should Be Reading

    e-Commerce businesses might be the most dynamic business model out there. According to RJ Metrics, there were 110,000 e-commerce sites generating “meaningful” revenue on the Internet in 2013. E-commerce sites make up 10-12 percent of the Internet and are expected to continue growing. e-Commerce Sites Generate New Business Opportunities Not surprisingly, there are services to ...

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  • Go Mobile with WordPress

    “If the user is having a problem, it’s our problem.” -Steve Jobs It is affectionately known as “UX” (user experience), and it rules the Internet. Websites grow or fade because of it, e-commerce stores succeed or fail according to their understanding of it, even Google is obeisant to it. Your audience either gets it or they don’t and the biggest part of that is up to you.

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