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  • Blog Strategy: Driving Website Traffic & Business Revenue

    A blog gives a website a free space to engage with its visitors. Often used to introduce readers to the specific field that the business is involved in, a blog allows potential clients to familiarize themselves with the idea of a company in relation to their industry. Furthermore, blogs can reveal your standing within your line of business.

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  • Increase Brand Value Through Positive Marketing

    Can you name five brands you would not be able to live without? Positive marketing aims to impact a consumer in a meaningful way. Inspiring feelings such as self-confidence and hope, positive marketing has the power to cause personal and societal change, while also cultivating brand loyalty. As a digital marketer, I could not help but relate this concept to the online space.

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  • Digital Agency Internships: Making the Most of Your Time

    The internship experience is an important part of any college student (or recent graduate's) experience. They allow individuals to immerse themselves in a preferred field in order to help prepare themselves for a career in the "real world" post-graduation. These are valuable opportunities to learn skills that are necessary to stand out and become an asset to any company.

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