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  • The 3Q AAAAA Creative Testing Strategy

    Creative is such a big part of Facebook advertising. Best practice calls for continual testing of new creative. You can think of creative as 80% of the impact of your ad, with the ...

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  • LinkedIn Campaign Types: A Quick Rundown

    As of today, there are three main types of ad campaigns on LinkedIn. In this blog post, we’re exploring examples of these ad types as well as highlighting some key differences between ...

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  • Facebook Exclusionary Best Practices

    When you are running a lot of different audiences at a time for your advertising, using the right exclusions to avoid audience overlap is a high priority. At 3Q we have an exclusionar ...

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  • 6 Targeting Options on Pinterest

    Pinterest can be a powerful ad platform if you get your targeting right. Here’s a quick breakdown of the targeting options available. Keyword Targeting Similar to search, you can use key ...

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  • Facebook Engagement Audiences: More Ways to Retarget

    Facebook is always coming out with new features. The latest is custom audiences based on engagement on lead gen ads, which helps fill a gap and gives marketers new ways to retarget. The lead gen unit allows you to collect leads without having the user leave Facebook. The downside? You can’t build a website custom audience off of lead form completes or people who have reache ...

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  • Instagram for Lead Gen or B2B: It Works, and Here’s How

    Instagram is generally used more for branding than traditional direct response ads; it’s a natural fit for building awareness and emotional connection. As far as direct response, its visual nature makes it a much better fit for eCommerce than B2B or lead gen. But with a huge audience and Facebook-like targeting, it’s too big an opportunity not to test.

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  • Facebook Video Ads: Catch the Wave

    Facebook Video Ads: Catch the Wave Posted: 05.16.2016 Facebook has been pushing video for some time now. You can now use video in almost any type of ad unit that Facebook offers. Videos are engaging and help you tell your story, and Facebook provides a large platform and incredible layers of targeting. Video on Facebook is especially helpful for a company planning on running video on TV.

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  • 3 Things to Watch For When Your Facebook Ads Start To Decline

    3 Things to Watch For When Your Facebook Ads Start To Decline Posted: 05.06.2016 You might have a new Facebook ad that gets out of the gate fast. Great! But it’s not a set-it-and-forget-it enterprise. That ad, left alone for a while, may start to show diminishing returns. If that happens, there are three trends you’ll want to watch out for. Let’s break them down.

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  • Landing page destinations: how to make them work

    Landing page destinations: how to make them work Posted: 03.11.2016 While your ad’s copy and creative are imperative to the success of your campaign, where you lead the user on your website is just as important. Changing your landing page can make a huge difference in determining if the user will convert.

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