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  • What’s love got to do with Valentine’s Day?

    Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is a day for people in relationships to celebrate their love. But more and more, people who are not in committed relationships are making Valentine’s Day purchases. Clever marketers have caught on to this and are targeting other markets to boost overall Valentine’s Day sales.

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  • Ad extensions for the entire decision journey

    Not only do ad extensions work to encourage immediate sales, but they can also be used to move consumers along the decision journey/buy cycle. In our work, we’ve effectively used ad extensions in many stages of the buy cycle, for instance: When searchers research products online (research stage) When searchers home in on a specific product When searchers want to see products ...

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  • Expanded text ads that kick butt

    Expanded text ads (ETAs) in AdWords are here, and we’ve had some real success with them thus far. In this article, I’ll talk about what we’ve seen in testing and what is working for us with ETAs. I’ll also cover some pointers on elements you can include to make ads more effective and compelling to online searchers.

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  • Why video needs to be part of your paid advertising strategy

    Recently, I’ve been thinking about the importance of online video content. People are now consuming more videos, and it makes up a huge portion of online content. A post from Convert With Content spells out this growth, citing several stats, including: Video is becoming more and more relevant — so why not come up with some paid strategies now? In this article, I’ll suggest w ...

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  • Better in-store attribution is here

    There have been huge advances in hard-to-track conversions like phone calls, store visits and those that stem from the use of more than a single device. Lately, I’ve been particularly excited about the ability to better track online searches that result in offline purchases (also called SOBO — search online, buy offline).

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  • 3 upcoming trends in paid search

    Recently, we’ve seen some fairly significant changes on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Right-rail ads have disappeared, and on mobile, we’re seeing more prominent placement of Google Shopping ad units. In this article, I’ll cover some upcoming trends in paid search and speculate on where the trends will lead.

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  • How To Apply Neuroscience Principles To Your Landing Pages

    I recently learned some neuroscience tips at a seminar called The Human Mind & Usability, which was hosted by well-known usability experts the Nielsen Norman Group. In this article, I’ll discuss easy and effective ways to incorporate the discipline of neuroscience into landing pages. The same principles can obviously be used for other website pages too.

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  • 7 Mobile Landing Page Tips You Can Implement Tomorrow!

    Mobile, mobile, mobile. It’s all we hear about these days! Even so, many marketers are still not taking steps to fully optimize their PPC landing pages for mobile users. In this article, I discuss several factors that can really make a difference when it comes to your mobile pages. Note that these tips can also be used on “regular” (non-PPC) mobile site pages. 1.

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  • Get Killer Ad Copy Today! Buy Now!

    Despite what many think, writing ad copy isn’t easy. It takes time to come up with good ad copy! As a result, many in the industry have developed and refined processes for generating killer ad copy. In this article, I’ll summarize the process that I follow and share some useful tips I’ve learned from others.

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  • What’s Ahead For Paid Search?

    In addition to focusing on today’s issues, smart marketers keep trends and likely future developments in mind. That’s why I’ll share how I see paid search evolving in the reasonably short term. To start, let’s cover trends that will shape the future of paid search. Intuitive Search And The Influence Of Mobile Searching per se will become a thing of the past as Google and oth ...

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