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  • How to use purchase intent for more effective keyword search

    If you think the lowly keyword is dead, think again. Good research can help a business position itself with the the right content to engage the audience at different points of the consumer purchase journey. Have you experienced one or more of these problems with your SEO and PPC ads? • Your pages are ranking well, even at number one in the search results, but they are not get ...

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  • The dangers of ‘Googlizing’ your site

    By optimizing your website for Google, you could be sabotaging your site for Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia and Eastern Europe. It is an undeniable fact that Google has the largest search market footprint in the world. As a result, there is an endless supply of resources and information about how to optimize search for Google.

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  • 3 Ways of Finding the Right SEO Advice for Your Business

    It is wonderful that the Internet makes it so easy to obtain information, tips, recommendations, and other learning opportunities to enhance your digital marketing knowledge and skills, which will help grow your business. Also, there are many free or inexpensive webinars and meet-ups, where you can get the advice from industry professionals.

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  • Minimizing Errors With the HREF Language Element

    Minimizing Errors With the HREF Language Element Motoko Hunt | August 10, 2015 | Comments | Motoko Hunt offers these tips for ensuring your HREF language elements are linked correctly in your global sites for maximum search optimization. Over the past few weeks Google has been sending notifications to webmasters that they have errors with their “Rel=Alternate HREF Language.

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  • 3 Reasons Your SEO Integrations Fail

    More and more companies are considering bringing their SEO activities in-house to better integrate SEO into the digital marketing flow rather than to keep it siloed as completely separate projects. It is a welcomed trend, considering the fact that the SEO has many touch points and often times depends on many other departments. However, is far from seamless and never comes easy.

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  • Search in Asia Goes Well Beyond Google

    Marketers should consider the many local search engines and search methods evolving across Asia when developing their marketing strategies in this fragmented region. Today I'd like to look at two markets in particular, Japan and China. The Japanese Search Market In Japan for example, whenever the Japanese market is discussed, people often focus on Yahoo Japan and Google Japan.

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  • Who Does It Better: Yahoo Japan or Google Japan?

    A comparison between the search results for Yahoo Japan and Google Japan reinforces the keyword targeting opportunities for SEO. Yahoo has been serving Bing's organic search results in most markets since 2010, but Yahoo Japan, which is a separate entity from, has been partnered with Google Japan, and serves Google Japan's organic search results.

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  • Haosou, The Other Chinese Search Engine

    Even if China is not your target market for your search engine marketing, you probably have at least heard of Baidu as the number one search engine in China. But do you know there’s another locally grown search engine in China? It’s Haosou. While Baidu continues to keep their dominate position, it is also a fact that Haosou is rapidly growing its user base and taking market share from Baidu.

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  • The Dynamic Detection and Redirection Impact on Global SEO

    The Dynamic Detection and Redirection Impact on Global SEO Motoko Hunt | January 1, 2015 | Comments | Tweet Buffer The systems many international websites use to redirect their users can have a huge impact on global SEO. But does anyone wonder what that might be - and why should we care? Many international websites use some type of detection to redirect visitors to content ...

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  • Women in Search with over 15 years of experiences

    The words of wisdom and encouragements for young women in Search Before I entered the search industry in 1995, I worked at Japanese marketing firm, where all executives and the managers were men. The search industry seemed very different from what I knew, when I switched my carrer. The opportunities seemed endless.

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  • Content Management and Localization Project for International Websites

    Content is one of the most important and powerful aspect of a website, which a site owner can have. Good content drives traffic, attracts new audiences, and converts well, but only when they are well optimized. However, it is also a huge task for a big site to effectively manage the growing number of content elements. It is even harder, if your website deals with multiple languages and countries.

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  • Finding Your SEO Cheerleaders

    Finding Your SEO Cheerleaders Motoko Hunt | September 2, 2014 | Comments | Tweet Buffer Maximizing the benefits of search engine optimization begins when integrating it across departments. Many search engine optimization (SEO) professionals at some point in their professional life feel as if no one understands them.

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  • Make SEO a Part of Your Next Website Design Project

    In most cases, SEO projects take place after a website is created. People think of improving the web design, the usability, and even some content strategy, but they rarely think of SEO at the beginning of the website design process. There are usually 3 primary reasons for site owners to not implement your detailed SEO recommendations.

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