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  • Talk The Talk: 28 Design Terms You Should Know [Infographic]

    Say Whaaat?!? As a marketer, working with a designer should be a great experience, but worried you don’t speak the “design”? That’s okay. Although a good designer should be able to communicate with their team without using a whole lot of industry terms, it’s not hard to learn the lingo. When it comes to graphic or web design, the terminology is the same across the board so ...

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  • 5 Ways Your Website is Driving Prospects Away (They May Surprise You.)

    Are you worried about your bounce rate? Ever wonder why prospective customers are leaving your site? Well, first off you have around five seconds to grab your visitor’s attention. If you don’t grab their attention within those five seconds, good guess is they are leaving and going to look at your competitor’s site.

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  • 13 Essential Checks Before & After Launching Your Website [Checklist]

    Lights, Camera, Website Launch Time! Whether you are the web designer, developer, marketer, project manager, or client, launching a website can be a very stressful/exciting time. When you have looked at a website for so many months, things can be easily overlooked. Not to worry! As a company, we are constantly updating our “Grocery List” of to-dos to help us create a smooth ...

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