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  • Does Your Website Talk Like Amazon?

    When was the last time Amazon asked you who you were? Probably when you first signed up for your Amazon account, right? How long ago was that? That’s what I figured! As soon as you sign into your Amazon account (or simply visit their site if you’re logged in), it immediately greets you on the right-hand corner.

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  • 7 Reasons Why Lead Forms are Dead

    Both digital retailers and brick & mortar stores are always on the hunt for new and innovative ways to capture more leads and convert them into paying customers. To say this is a big challenge would be an outrageous understatement, as the advent of the internet has made competition fiercer for every industry imaginable.

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  • How Digital Lead Capture Is Evolving

    Lead capture has been around for a while. As a matter of fact, it’s how many businesses manage to GET business. Consumers visit your website, they fill out a form looking for information, you collect that information and then you call them. Simple, right? Ehh… not as much as you’d think. The concept, in and of itself, is crazy simple.

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  • Using Interactive Media to Boost your B2C Promotions

    No matter what industry you’re in, if your business is in the B2C sector, chances are pretty good that you’re facing some fierce competition — especially if you’re a brick & mortar store. After all, you know how much and how often consumers shop online nowadays. Folks are still going to brick & mortar stores; but the convenience of purchasing online has made the number ...

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  • Using Your Website to Capture More Leads

    Fact #1: Capturing leads is difficult. Fact #2: Capturing qualified, in-market leads is even more difficult. Although it heavily depends on what industry your business resides, it’s safe to say that most businesses invest in some kind of lead capture — newsletter sign-ups, static forms, contests, etc. Heck, you know as well as I do how beneficial lead capture is.

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  • 3 Unique Industry Digital Marketing Tips

    There’s no question that digital marketing is a powerful beast — and one helluva fickle beast at that. As much as we’d all like to assume that digital marketing is basically the same no matter what, it’s most definitely not — and the reasons are pretty obvious. As a business, you can opt to devote certain percentages of your time and budget to different types of digital market ...

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  • How Video Can Help with your Lead Generation Efforts

    Published 1 min ago 54 Lead generation is often a top priority for marketers at organizations, big and small. And regardless of organization size, capturing leads is getting more and more challenging by the day. Marketers are constantly coming up with new and creative ways to get more customers into their pipeline.

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