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  • 4 Ways to Manage Negative Feedback in a Positive Way

    As marketers we often face rejection and negativity. An idea is shot down. An angry reader rants in a comment. A prospect chooses a competitor’s product. We can’t help but feel a bit of a sting when someone spits on our hard work. How do we stay strong and steadfast in our commitment to succeeding in our content marketing efforts? It’s not always easy.

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  • How to Crush Your First Webinar

    Presenting that first webinar can seem very daunting for content marketers who are used to writing and editing. Speaking to an audience of hundreds, whether in person or online, is a nerve-rattling process, even for the most experienced presenters. Even though I come from a theatre background, I was one of the few people in my program who despised acting classes.

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  • 4 Tips for More SlideShare Leads

    Do you use SlideShare? Wondering how to generate leads from SlideShare? With the right design and content, your SlideShare presentation can become a powerful lead-generating marketing tool. In this article, you’ll discover four simple steps for creating a SlideShare presentation that people can’t resist. Discover four tips to generate more SlideShare leads.

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  • Why No One Is Paying Attention To Your PowerPoint Templates

    Have you ever been giving a presentation to a room full of people, only to look up midway and notice that nobody is paying attention to you or your PowerPoint template? Perhaps the reason is that your public speaking skills aren’t at an all-time high, but another possibility could be that the PowerPoint template you are using in your presentation is nowhere near captivating.

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  • 46 Experts Secret Tips For Creating Addictive Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

    46 Experts Secret Tips For Creating Addictive Content [INFOGRAPHIC] February 5, 2016 By Nadya Khoja Leave a Comment Creating highly engaging and shareable content is no easy task. In order for your blog posts to generate shares and traffic, they need to captivate your audience’s attention. How can you ensure that the research you conduct and the words you write aren’t for n ...

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  • What Star Wars Can Teach Marketers About Design [Infographic]

    With the new Star Wars movie scheduled to hit theatres on December 18th, I figured it would make a great opportunity to finally sit down and plough through the movies. That’s right, I’ve never watched any of the Star Wars movies before. When I popped on Episode 4: A New Hope, I have to admit I was not blown away by the story or by the acting, but I was quite amazed by how ahea ...

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  • 5 Essential Infographic Design Tips For Content Marketers

    Content marketers of 2015 have to keep up with a substantial amount of work. There is an ongoing demand for original and quality content that engages one’s audience, and in the past few years, the infographic has become one of the leading forms of content for user engagement. In fact, according to Google Trends, by November of 2016, infographics are expected to see an increase ...

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