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  • Marketers Are Creating More Content, But They’re Not Sure Why

    It’s not often that research plays out like a disaster film trailer, but a recent study by Accenture Interactive delivers all the requisite drama. Marketers are drowning in a tsunami of content. And it’s only getting worse. “It’s almost as though content is growing faster than our ability to perceive the change,” said Donna Tuths, global head of content for Accenture Interacti ...

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  • 17 Platforms That Will Make You a Better a Marketer

    How did you choose your marketing platform? For many markers, the answer is somewhere between “This is the one we’ve always used” and “I’d heard of this one somewhere.” It’s hard to fault these reasons because there are an insane number of tools out there: Insane graphic via MarketingLand But the options are overwhelming for a reason.

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  • 7 Tips From SEO Wizards That Will Boost Your Content

    For many content marketers, organic traffic earned through SEO is like a holiday bonus: It’s cool if it happens, but no one is planning their monthly budget around it. “It’s not something they go for head-on,” said Dana DiTomaso, partner at digital marketing agency Kick Point. “People think about content and then say, ‘Oh, we’re going to do a social push.

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  • The Ultimate Guide to SEO for Content Marketers

    Forget everything you used to know about SEO. The technical tricks used by search engine optimizers back in the day were opportunistic at best, downright shady at worst. But thanks to advancements in Google’s algorithm over the past few years, the veil between SEO and content has officially fallen.

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  • 10 Things PR People Do That Drive Freelance Journalists Nuts

    Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on our sister site, The Freelancer. I want to preface this list by saying there are great PR reps out there. The ones who really understand storytelling, research what you do, and send over stories worthy of coverage. And if that PR rep has a gift for facilitating, she can quickly wrangle even the flakiest of sources for tim ...

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  • 4 Keys to Capturing a New Audience for Your Content Marketing

    There’s nothing quite like arriving at a hard-won success with your content program. You’re hitting your goals, your metrics look great, and everyone is popping champagne (literally, if you work at a startup; metaphorically, if you don’t). But by the time you’re sipping that second glass, chances are there’s a new challenge to tackle.

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  • WeWork’s User-Generated Magazine Is Surprisingly Amazing

    Would you trust customers to create your brand’s content? Imagine the average Ford Focus driver drafting a travel story for My Ford magazine, or a random handbag shopper profiling a designer scarf buyer in Porter. It would, in all likelihood, be unreadable madness. But that’s exactly what shared space provider WeWork’s newest brand publication Creator by WeWork is doing: Many ...

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  • Meet the Men Behind Red Bull’s Explosive Content

    The Red Bull Signature Series Dreamline BMX contest recently wrapped up its third year of giving riders the chance to, as the 2013 event coverage put it, “attack the most innovative BMX dirt setup that we have every seen. A course that many people are saying could alter the sport.” And that’s not just Red Bull’s opinion.

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  • Letting Go: Why Brands Should Embrace Freelance Storytellers

    It’s no secret brands like to control their marketing messages as much as possible. And, that vice grip on branded creativity continues to get tighter. The Wall Street Journal reports Apple is among many big name brands changing their marketing operations from agencies to in-house creative departments.

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  • Could Red Bull Become the New ESPN?

    Who is Red Bull, really? Among the existential questions that plague humanity, maybe this is not as high on philosophers’ radar. But for those interested in the state and future of branded content, it’s one worth asking. First, they were a company known for making hyper-caffeinated drinks; then, they were an energy drink company that was surprisingly content-savvy.

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