Natalie Gould

  • How Businesses Can Capitalize on Twitter Moments

    Twitter Moments are collections of curated tweets that tell a story or commemorate an event. The social platform recently made Moments available to all users after rolling it out to select brands and partners over the past year. Now that anyone with a Twitter account can create and share Moments, many influencers, brands, and businesses are already taking advantage of this new ...

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  • What Is Ello and Should You Even Care?

    Ello is a new, invite-only social network that has recently received a lot of press for two main reasons. First, the site vows never to sell information about its members to advertisers or to allow ads to appear in its network. Second, this idea of an ad-free social media experience has resonated strongly with the public, resulting in a record number of people requesting to join the new site.

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