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  • Introducing Ignacio, Deputy CEO and Casual Chef

    WooRank is still growing, and we’ve got someone important to introduce today – our new deputy CEO, Ignacio! He’s the master of metrics, achievable goals, and helping people play to their strengths. Fast Facts Name: Ignacio Age: The oldest (but still only 45) Position @WooRank: Deputy CEO Languages you speak: Spanish, English and a little French Brief bio: Although I have ...

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  • Hello Maria: Globetrotting Marketer, Polyglot, and Pie Baker

    Continuing our series on new hires, we are so excited to welcome Maria, our new marketing star and speaker of oh-so-many languages. She brings a load of cool experience to the team, and she makes a wicked good apple pie! Fast Facts Name: Maria Lopez-Barrantes Age: 32 Position @WooRank: Digital Marketer Languages you speak: Spanish, French, English, and some Italian and Por ...

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  • Introducing Jonas, Our New Pinball Wizard

    WooRank is thrilled to introduce Jonas Johansson to our technical team! We thought we’d give him a chance to introduce himself this week (and show off a little). Fast Facts Name: Jonas Johansson Age: 36 Position @WooRank: Developer Languages: English / Swedish Brief bio: I’m a Swede by birth.

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  • WooRank – A Year In Review (Infographic)

    What a year it has been! 2015 started off with our 5th birthday celebration and the launch of the monthly WooRank newsletter, took a turn into mobile optimization, dove deep into design to complete a full facelift of the website and came out on top with a ton of new featur ...

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  • 5 WooRank Features Every Small Business Should Be Using

    Small business owners have little enough time on their hands already – many don’t have the capacity to dive into a full arsenal of tools for tracking and maintaining their websites. Today, we want to make sure you know about the WooRank features that can de-mystify the data, save you time, and help you understand how to get your website on the right track.

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  • 14 Days to Discover WooRank

    In the beginning, WooRank was a tiny, automated website review tool. We did two things – let you review a site, and let you download the review as a PDF to send to a client or boss. That’s why, when we switched to a freemium subscription model, a 7-day trial made sense; you could easily explore the tool completely and know whether it was useful to your business in 7 days.

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  • Preparing for #MobileMadness (And Other Improvements)

    Hi WooRankers! As you might have read in our newsletter, here’s what’s new at WooRank this month: (Didn’t get our newsletter? If you’d like to, you can sign up here to keep up-to-date on everything WooRank is working on, sometimes even before we release it!) We improved our PDF Editor with better colors and customizations, including a new transparent footer option.

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  • Mobile Criteria Improvements

    There’s been a lot of buzz about mobile optimization recently. In a total departure from their modus operandi, Google has announced in advance that they are making an algorithm change on 21 April and have explained exactly who is going to be affected. Their mobile search rankings are getting overhauled, and that means that any site that they can’t detect as mobile-friendly coul ...

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