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  • On a Roll: Duck Brand Sticks With Customers

    Have you ever loved a tape’s print design? I mean, really loved a tape’s print design? Loved it so much that when that print was discontinued, you took to social media to express your disappointment? David Rodgers knows what it’s like when people get attached to their favorite tape designs. He is the senior digital marketing manager at ShurTech Brands, where he’s responsible ...

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  • Getting Started With Structured Content

    Discoverable, adaptive, and reusable, oh my! Learn how to make your digital content super flexible and findable using a concept called “structured content.” You publish hundreds of content assets a year – everything from e-books and videos to blog posts and snackable social content. You “atomize” content, reusing and repurposing narrative content and visuals across overlapping projects.

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  • Brand Guidelines to the Rescue for Clear, Consistent Stories [Example]

    Ask most people to define “branding,” and they’ll be quick to mention the logo or a brand’s look and feel. But branding is much more than a swoosh, swirl, or any other visual fingerprint. Branding is about how an organization is perceived by its customers. And content (e.g., tone, voice, word choice) is an integral part of branding even if regularly overlooked in the excitemen ...

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  • ‘Will It Blend?’ Company Embarks on New Influencer Marketing Program

    Anyone who has watched a “Will It Blend?” video knows the answer to that question is, “Of course.” iPhone? Yes. iPad? Yep. Golf balls? You betcha. Created by Blendtec’s Founder Tom Dickson to demonstrate the power of his blenders, “Will It Blend?” is the stuff of viral marketing legends. Since 2006, Dickson has starred in more than 140 videos that have a combined 256 million views on YouTube.

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