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  • 3 Secret Gmail Buttons To Guarantee Your Cold Emails Get Opened

    Every Monday morning, you find yourself sitting down to send 10-15 emails to people you’d love to get responses from. Maybe they are cold prospects, or potential joint venture partners, or press outlets you’re hoping to get coverage in. Regardless of why you email, to ultimately get what you want the other person has to open and reply to your email, lost in the over 205 Bill ...

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  • How To Launch a Podcast and Capture #1 Ranking

    Podcasts are hot. It seems everyone is either thinking of launching a podcast, producing one or being interviewed. Podcasts are a very engaging way to communicate with your audience. They can be listened to while sitting on the beach, driving the car and working out at the gym. The sound of the voice reveals a lot about a person.

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  • 22 Facebook Facts and Statistics You Need To Know Right Now

    Global social media facts are often so large they are hard to wrap our neurons around. One billion today and 10 billion next year. Facebook doesn’t disappoint. It turned in another strong quarter with some surprising statistics, such as a 247% increase in ad prices, hints at Facebook groups spinning out into their own app and no desire to build their own payments platform.

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  • 25 Facebook Facts and Statistics You Should Know in 2014

    It’s clear why less people are seeing the updates you post on Facebook. During the World Cup, your content was competing for news feed space with 3 billion engagements generated solely from the tournament. There are now over 1.28b people and 30m brands using Facebook each quarter. With increased competition for exposure, businesses, especially small businesses with a smaller ...

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  • 6 Simple Strategies To Double Your Email List Using Facebook

    Meet Kyle Ducharme, one of the co-founders of Kao Jai Coffee. Kao Jai began in December, 2013 as a single-origin coffee manufacturer. Their first batch of roasted coffee arrived in June and Kyle was looking for a way to get fans excited about their first batch of roasted coffee beans. Kyle had begun to get Facebook likes for his brand but was frustrated with his ability to ge ...

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  • 10 Facebook Contests that Captured 10,000 Emails

    Growing up, Faith’s willpower was constantly tested by an overbearing family. She always had more responsibilities than she could handle. Faith, now 35, used this willpower she developed during her childhood to venture out and start her own business. Faced with no starting capital, not a lot of time, and limited energy, Faith eagerly looked for ways to market her new business ...

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