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  • Study: The Content That Compels People to Buy

    The internet has deeply and thoroughly affected the way consumers research and buy. E-commerce is rapidly growing and has been a great equalizer in allowing consumers to research a brand or product before each purchasing decision. According to Forrester’s “US eCommerce Forecast: 2013 To 2018” report, consumers will be spending $414 billion online by 2018, a 57.4-percent increase from 2013.

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  • Study: Rich Media In Search Drives Increased Click-Through

    Any search professional worth his or her salary can cite search click-through rates (CTR) off the top of his or her head. No matter the study they cite, the basic idea is that the higher up the search page the result, the higher the click-through rate. Knowledge drives strategy and this CTR knowledge means search marketers have long been focused, often exclusively, on reachi ...

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  • Get Ready For A Shift To Consumer-Centric Marketing

    A recent IBM study (PDF) of 100 enterprise CMOs found that marketers are shifting customer acquisition investment from the top of the funnel to distribute it more evenly across the customer journey. This shift, which tells of a maturation of the marketer mindset — to interface with buyers as they progress through the buying journey rather than trying to grab them as they wal ...

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  • The Shifts In Consumer Behavior Driving Google’s Maturation

    While at Google’s offices recently, I had the pleasure to hear a Google Product Manager present the company’s view of how information retrieval has changed with the rise of mobile and smartphone adoption. They are calling it “micro-moments,” the premise being that as smartphone adoption and use continues to skyrocket, consumers increasingly have small bursts of interaction w ...

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  • Dissecting Ongoing Content Investment By Marketers

    I recently came across a chart from Econsultancy and Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Marketing Budgets 2015 Report showing marketers’ perceived ability to measure ROI from their digital channels. At the top of the ROI list is paid search — which, given its “put a quarter in the machine and get something back” framework, is not surprising.

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  • Research Reveals The Distinct Ways Users Search

    Although it is among the first tasks completed in the search marketing journey, keyword analysis is arguably its most crucial element. The keywords the marketer chooses will go a long way to defining the success of the program, from visits to engagement to revenue. Traditional keyword research — using data sources such as our own website analytics, keyword tools such as Goog ...

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  • What Marketing Executives Say About Content Targeting

    Content is a central part of the digital strategy for brands across the globe spanning verticals, company sizes, and business. Brands know they now have a content imperative, but what's less clear is the types of content and the velocity with which they should be releasing it. At Conductor (I am Conductor's director of research), we are in the final stages of a research study ...

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  • Competitive Analysis: The Most Valuable SEO Tactic You Ignore [Data]

    When it comes to getting ahead in search, experts agree that competitive analysis is critical. International search engine optimization (SEO) consultant Aleyda Solis observes: One of the most important activities for any SEO process is the initial competitive analysis. In a nod to how important she thinks it is, she created a sophisticated workflow to guide SEOs through the ...

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  • 4 Intangible Benefits Of Content You Shouldn’t Overlook

    The benefits of the ever-increasing intersection of digital marketing and technology are clear: we can measure the impact of our online efforts like never before. But, along with tracking valuable content metrics like traffic, downloads and bounce rate, we should remember that content has intangible benefits that should be part of any ROI discussion.

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  • Why It’s Good To Compete With Google

    If you talk to a room full of veteran digital marketers, a topic that eventually comes up is competition — specifically, the fact that our competition in search is often not immediately obvious. You can miss out on understanding your online competition for a few different reasons. For example, marketers sometimes erroneously assume that brick-and-mortar competitors are the sa ...

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