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  • In SEM Restructures, Smaller Can Be Better

    When receiving an account, many SEMs follow the old- school train of thought that you need to have as many keywords as possible. At the end of the day, though, size doesn’t ...

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  • Quick, ROI-Friendly Guide for Duplicate Keyword Cleanup

    Quick, ROI-Friendly Guide for Duplicate Keyword Cleanup Posted: 05.02.2016 Most accounts have duplicate keywords, especially larger accounts where your client is constantly wanting to expand. An oft-overlooked factor in account performance is that using Broad or Broad Match Modified keywords means that you could be creating duplicates.

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  • What’s New in AdWords Editor 11.2.2

    The newest AdWords Editor (11.2.2) has just been released. Unlike any Adobe update, this one actually has new features that will make your life easier. Below are features that will have the biggest impact on your day to day tasks. Fully recognize Final URLs Ever since Google introduced Upgraded URLs, they have been playing catch up to update their own systems to recognize them.

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