Nathan T. Baker

  • How to Create a Minimalist Marketing Report

    How would your relationship with clients change if you stopped reporting on stacks and stacks of data and only reported on what mattered? If you and your client have a different definition of what success looks like, you’ll both see very different things in that same report. Take the time to make sure your reporting is powerful and effective.

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  • Bing Ads Arrives in Raven Reports

    Bing Ads is a Big Deal Advertising on Bing Ads is sometimes an afterthought because of the massive reach of Google AdWords. But Google’s dominance in the U.S. search network is increasingly being challenged by Bing. Bing claims to reach a U.S. search audience of 31 percent for all search powered by Bing (Microsoft sites, Yahoo sites, and AOL sites).

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  • What’s New in Raven? Well Another Whole Product For One

    We’ve had several busy months at Raven headquarters. The fact that this is our first changlog update, and we now have two separate products, may give you a sense of the amount of work that is being done behind the scenes. First, let me explain this new product. Standalone Site Auditor 1. We built a new standalone Site Auditor The Site Auditor on our current Platform is one of ...

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  • Reporting is Content Marketing: From Data Dump to Engaged Clients

    After helping hundreds of marketing agencies with their reporting processes, I’ve seen a recurring theme. Reporting isn’t too fun. It’s as fun as taxes. It’s as fun as spreadsheets. It’s as fun as data entry. But there’s a danger in this thinking. Done right, reporting isn’t just a mundane task. It’s an extremely powerful marketing strategy.

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  • Import AuthorityLabs Rankings into Raven Reports

    This year we’re putting the Lean Startup approach into full effect and it will be on full display when we launch our new standalone Site Auditor in a couple of months. However, it can also be seen now through updates we’ve been making to the current suite. For example, in the past few months we’ve released a Data Import option for Reporting, Google Search Analytics reports and ...

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