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  • How to Create a Minimalist Marketing Report

    How would your relationship with clients change if you stopped reporting on stacks and stacks of data and only reported on what mattered? If you and your client have a different definition of what success looks like, you’ll both see very different things in that same report. Take the time to make sure your reporting is powerful and effective.

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  • Bing Ads Arrives in Raven Reports

    Bing Ads is a Big Deal Advertising on Bing Ads is sometimes an afterthought because of the massive reach of Google AdWords. But Google’s dominance in the U.S. search network is increasingly being challenged by Bing. Bing claims to reach a U.S. search audience of 31 percent for all search powered by Bing (Microsoft sites, Yahoo sites, and AOL sites).

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  • What’s New in Raven? Well Another Whole Product For One

    We’ve had several busy months at Raven headquarters. The fact that this is our first changlog update, and we now have two separate products, may give you a sense of the amount of work that is being done behind the scenes. First, let me explain this new product. Standalone Site Auditor 1. We built a new standalone Site Auditor The Site Auditor on our current Platform is one of ...

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  • Reporting is Content Marketing: From Data Dump to Engaged Clients

    After helping hundreds of marketing agencies with their reporting processes, I’ve seen a recurring theme. Reporting isn’t too fun. It’s as fun as taxes. It’s as fun as spreadsheets. It’s as fun as data entry. But there’s a danger in this thinking. Done right, reporting isn’t just a mundane task. It’s an extremely powerful marketing strategy.

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  • Import AuthorityLabs Rankings into Raven Reports

    This year we’re putting the Lean Startup approach into full effect and it will be on full display when we launch our new standalone Site Auditor in a couple of months. However, it can also be seen now through updates we’ve been making to the current suite. For example, in the past few months we’ve released a Data Import option for Reporting, Google Search Analytics reports and ...

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  • The Ultimate Social Media Checklist: Never Forget an Important Step

    No corner of the Internet advances faster than social media. Your Facebook photos could start reaching half the people they once did. Your Twitter favorites could turn into likes overnight. Some changes don’t affect your business much, while others can have a huge impact. Because of this constant change, it can be daunting when setting up a brand on social media.

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  • The 4 Scariest Places Your Boss Could Show Up

    This Halloween, our team had a thought exercise. What if one of our bosses wasn’t their normal, awesome self? What if Jon Henshaw ate some mysterious Halloween candy and transformed into the scariest boss ever? In that scenario, he might make unreasonable demands, or not respect traditional boundaries. This Halloween, we give you a look into this dystopian, alternate universe.

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  • Stop Making Fun of Non-Technical Clients Behind their Back

    How often do you hear someone making fun of their clients? It irks me. I don’t hear it every day, but I do hear it. Usually, it’s related to a client not understanding some technology. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been guilty of earning a quick laugh at a client’s expense, but please call me out if you hear me doing it again.

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  • How to Tell Prospects Their Website is Terrible

    How to Tell Prospects Their Website is Terrible posted by Nathan T. Baker on May 28, 2015 Sometimes a prospect’s website needs a lot of work and it’s obvious. So how do you break the news without being harsh? Some prospects know they are behind the times while others don’t. So tack is important until you understand what a prospect already knows about the performance of his website.

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  • 7 Tools To Expand Your Teams’ Productivity

    We appreciate a good productivity tool when we see one. After all, we built Raven so marketers can automate their reporting and be more productive. Keep in mind, anything can be a productivity tool when you think about it. Even playing a video game over lunch can energize you to knock out more work. That’s not a strategy that works for me, but it works for some folks.

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  • Create a Minimalist Marketing Report That Runs Itself

    Create a Minimalist Marketing Report That Runs Itself posted by Nathan T. Baker on May 18, 2015 At the heart of any minimalist design is reducing what you don't need, so that what remains is the most essential. Are the marketing reports you create essential to your clients? The Essential Ingredients of Reporting If a client sees too many non-essential elements in a report, ...

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  • A Marketer’s Survival Guide To Social Networks Killing Features

    If providing social media marketing services is a slice of what your agency does for clients, you know social networks are ever evolving. When features you’re using for marketing are killed on social networks, it can be jarring. Here are a couple examples of what I’m talking about. Declining Facebook Organic Reach An analysis from Ogilvy & Mather shows that Facebook’s orga ...

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  • Webinar Disaster Confessions: Don’t Do What We Did

    Online webinars can create a machine for new leads and establish your brand as an authority within your industry. But, they’re tricky to pull off well and they require a lot of time and preparation. Articles like this can guide you in your preparation, but I promise you this: the best webinar lessons you’ll learn are the ones you’ve learned after completely screwing something up.

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  • 5 Creative Ways Never To Forget Your Ideal Customer

    When you bring on new clients, is delighting them part of your process? Here are five easy ways to give clients a tangible, daily reminder of your expertise. Say you win a client with a business development report. Before you launch a marketing campaign, it makes sense to start with the basics.

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  • Raven vs. HubSpot: a mostly unbiased comparison

    Taking Over the World in Different Ways Raven and HubSpot have very different strategies for taking over the world. HubSpot has received over 100 million dollars in funding. In many ways, their size is an asset. For instance, they have the resources to cultivate side projects such as, one of the best marketing upvote sites around while developing their core offerings.

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  • 10 Best Online Marketing Posts of 2014

    It’s been a busy year keeping up with marketing trends while shipping out code at Raven HQ. On the software side, we added LinkedIn integration, doubled down on Google Analytics data and overhauled our reporting engine. You can now craft gorgeous marketing reports in minutes. On the people side, we went on a hiring spree.

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