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  • 13 Power Tips for #Winning Mobile Ad Copy

    Just in case you (STILL) need convincing that having a mobile strategy isn’t optional, here are a few stats on mobile adoption to consider: Men and women aged 18-29 have a 92% adoption rate Men and women over 65 have a 42% adoption rate All income levels have at least 60% adoption – that rises to 93% when you look at consumers making over $75K a year What does it all mean? Your custom.

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  • Knock-Off Thousands from Your Bottom Line with Close Variants

    I’m a bargain addict. I shop at Goodwill instead of traditional department stores, live by Groupon and GoldStar rather than paying full price on a meal or a show, and hunt for treasures at flea markets, as opposed to paying a premium at malls. Who wants to blow a month of rent on a bag? You can imagine the unbridled joy I found in close variants – a relatively new phenomenon ...

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  • The Retirement of Google Site Search: An Advertiser’s Survival Guide

    If you’re one of the thousands of sites using Google Site Search (GSS), you may have heard that Google is retiring the product later this year, and you’re likely wondering what’s happening to your in-site search tool. Short answer: it’s being replaced with Custom Search Engine (CSE), and you’re being opted into the new tool come April 1, 2018.

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