• Visual WebSite Optimizer

    Just got Visual Website Optimizer’s “Customer Survey”. The last question was the best one: Q: “If you had to describe VWO to a friend, how you would do that?“ A: “Dear friend, Visual Website Optimizer is the platform that wants me to test every single combination ...

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  • The As If Principle

    Listening to The As If Principle from Richard Wiseman. Halfway thru and my mind is completely blown. I would never buy a book with such a lame self-help guru-esque title. However this one comes from someone whose work I follow, and it is firmly grounded in science. My key takeaway from the book so far: We are such confused creatures; I’d say hopelessly confused.

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  • Hypnotism

    I’ve been wanting to write this post for some years. Ever since I heard the song “When you were young” by The Killers. Whoever wrote that song is an absolute genius of hypnotic messaging. Does Hypnotism work? Of course. Does subliminal marketing work? Of course. Years ago I pulled up two dozen research papers on suggestions and subliminal advertising.

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  • What if a future employer read your Facebook and Twitter?

    This comic from XKCD captures my thoughts about social media and employment perfectly. Some years ago (and while having a corporate job, now its a moot point) I decided my social media was mine and mine only and everyone that thought otherwise could go fuck themselves. In practical terms this meant I never tweeted the bullshit my employers wanted me to tweet, posted what anyo ...

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  • Imagining Abundance Makes You Complacent

    When you imagine yourself having achieved your goals – In the manner quack pseudo-scientists tell you in “The Secret” and other works of bullshit, you are actually experiencing the pleasure of having achieved your goals without the effort, and tend to perform WORSE at actually achieving your goals.

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  • How to price your DDoS

    Business is business, and if you’re in the business of DDoS blackmail, you’ve got to keep tabs on the prices your ‘clients’ might pay to g ...

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