Nick Vaka

  • Video Content Marketing: The Three Es of Success

    When I first got into the field of animation, the last place I thought I would ever find myself is the world of content marketing. Really, it’s mostly because the term was never used this frequently in the history of advertising, let alone as late as 2011. That’s when I stumbled into it accidentally… Before I knew it was a thing, let alone what it was.

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  • How To Simplify Video Production By Doing It In The Cloud

    If you run, or are marketing a business, chances are pretty good that you’ve commissioned or created a video to let the world know how amazing you are! If not, we should talk. So doubtless, you’ve done the back and forth with expensive agencies and post houses, and freelancers. That, or you’ve brought creative people on staff that don’t really fit anyplace else within your co ...

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  • How To Pick The Right Video Type For Your Message

    As video marketing becomes increasingly commonplace online, it’s important to know which video type will deliver your message most effectively. The sort of video that would interest clients of a B2B solution may not necessarily be the best direction if you’re running on a B2C platform. After all, the point of your video should be to increase ad awareness, brand awareness, and ...

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  • How A Bad DIY Video Can Actually Hurt Your Brand

    You’ve seen the numbers and heard the news that online video can help propel your business to the next level, but that isn’t necessarily true in all cases. While it is true that technology has evolved to a point where animated videos can be produced on a desktop computer at home, don’t think that just ANYONE can do it well.

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  • Video Marketing Tactics for the B2B Marketer

    When thinking about promoting an organization with online video, most people think about Businesses targeting consumers (the B2C approach), however, the amount of B2B marketing that’s going on today is completely bucking that trend (roughly 70% of B2B solutions market with video), and the way that content is being optimized is creating some interesting results.

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  • What Makes A Great Explainer Video?

    Explainer videos, those seemingly cookie cutter shorts you see popping up all over the place, are definitely trending in online marketing. Unfortunately, while there are exceptions, most are an exercise in patience as their utterly transparent 3-act structure quickly causes your eyes to glaze over (the complete opposite of their intended effect).

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