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  • 5 Tools to Increase Your Web Traffic Fast Using Pinterest

    An average Pinterest user follows nine brands and spends up to fifteen minutes using the social network a day. A pin doesn’t get easily lost in billions of pins. Its half-life average is three and a half months. Pinterest beats Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram on the highest referral traffic driving social media platform. Unlike other social networks, Pinterest still isn’t as crowded.

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  • How to Beat Writer’s Block and Be a Productive Blogger

    How’s your blog doing? Are you posting new articles regularly? Do you get to generate new and interesting ideas every week? If yes, then that’s great! However, If you feel you haven’t been able to post new content recently, you’re having trouble writing, and the words just don’t come out, then you may be going through writer’s block. But don’t worry, that’s alright.

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