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  • The State of Digital Publishing in 2015 [New Industry Data]

    Published 38 mins ago 41 Gone are the days of sitting down at the breakfast table to sip your coffee while flipping through a print magazine you just received in the mail. Today, it is much more common to see people getting their news from a tablet or mobile device while waiting in line at the nearby Starbucks.

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  • Try Before You Buy: How Content Promotion Is Like Sampling at the Grocery

    Published 25 mins ago 32 For a lot of people, the best part of going to Whole Foods Market is the samples. Visit a store at the most sample-optimized time and you can practically get an entire four course meal for free. What does this have to do with content promotion? Everything. When promoting content, marketers already give their audience a little sample of what to ...

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  • Not All Native Ad Networks Are Created Equal

    Published 35 mins ago 35 Nearly every native ad (content recommendation) network promotes their ability to monetize your website, drive traffic and increase engagement with effective content recommendations. These recommendation networks can positively influence publishers and media professionals in two ways.

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