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  • PlaceIQ’s New Service Looks to Give Brands the Full Competitive Picture

    As more and more brands invest in location-based marketing campaigns, there’s a crucial need to zoom out and see the big picture. This means connecting the dots on a grand scale and knowing not only if consumers are checking in and making those crucial in-store purchases — but also knowing how they spend the rest of their time, and where you stand to get the best ROI.

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  • QSRs Are Thriving With Location-Based Data, But There’s a Caveat

    The quick-serve restaurant industry was quick to jump on location-based marketing, and wisely so. There are few industries that are so inherently local and resilient to the forces of e-commerce. Consumers have increasingly responded positively: back in 2010, when location-based mobile ads were just beginning to become “a thing,” a report by MMA Global showed that second only t ...

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  • Report: Airports Could Be the Next Big Beacon Hubs

    Anyone who appreciates beacons can fathom why airports are such ideal environments for the bluetooth devices, and for proximity technology in general. In these sprawling travel hubs, there are many levels of consumer activity happening all at once. You’ve got an array of retailers selling everything from duty-free goods to neck pillows; busy restaurants and bars, and sometimes even spas.

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  • DAC Group’s Fritz: ‘Consolidation Has Already Started’ in Local Tech

    On October 25, Street Fight will hold its sixth annual Street Fight Summit, bringing together some of the greatest minds in marketing in local marketing and tech to discuss trends, deals, and emerging talent. Brett Fritz, business development VP of digital and content marketing agency DAC Group, is among the nearly three dozen speakers scheduled to present.

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  • Study: 99% of Location-Based Apps to Implement Indoor Positioning Systems

    If you build it, they will come. But let’s be more specific: if you implement indoor positioning systems (IPS) in your location-based app, you will be able to get more shoppers into your place of business. Or so this is the thinking of virtually every business and marketing decision-maker behind the development and strategy of location-based apps.

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  • Report: Beacons a Slam Dunk for Sports, Recouping Over $1B in Ticket Sales

    Perhaps the most remarkable things about proximity technology — and beacons in particular — is how rapidly the industry has grown in such a short time. Just this past January, Unacast, which operates a network of beacon and proximity data, revealed in its Q1 2016 Proxbook report a 52% growth in the number of beacons deployed by its members (all proximity companies).

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  • Placed’s Attribution Platform Expands as More Partners Demand Proof of ROI

    Placed’s Attribution Platform Expands as More Partners Demand Proof of ROI July 19, 2016 by Nicole Spector Leave a Comment Filed Under: News Measuring what store visits and purchases were driven by what specific advertising has historically been a very thorny problem, and it’s a challenge that’s only gotten more complicated in the digital era.

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  • New App From GoDaddy Wants to Help Entrepreneurs Brainstorm Business Ideas

    Ever had a brilliant idea for starting a business, or maybe just wanted to make some key overhauls to an existing business but never felt confident enough to pursue it? Perhaps some marketing pros and fellow entrepreneurs would have given you the feedback you needed to either go forward or scrap it altogether. Such was the thinking behind GoDaddy’s Flare, a new free mobile app available today.

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  • Homebrew VC Wants to Build Out Startups That Bring Value to Location

    Over the past few years, San Francisco-based Homebrew VC has built up an impressive roster of investments in seed stage companies focused on the “bottom-up economy.” Co-founders Hunter Walk and Satya Patel met working at Google, and have a particular interest in seeing businesses advance in tech and value-added location services.

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  • When It Comes To OpenTable, the Restaurant Industry Has Few Reservations

    Like so many areas of business, the process of dining out has been completely transformed by technology and smartphones. There’s little, if any, guesswork that goes into picking a place to eat — that’s what Yelp and other crowd-sourced review sites are for. And there’s no major strategizing in getting to the place because you can simply open up Waze or another mapping app to guide the way.

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  • Belly’s LaHive: Beacon Tech ‘A Little Bit Overhyped’

    As digital convenience at the cash register has become standard, loyalty platforms have gone digital as well — with a number of companies working to replace the punchcards many merchants have long issued to reward regulars. Belly, whose service revolves around an in-store iPad, has grown into a major player in this space over the past half-decade, taking in nearly $25 million ...

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  • Gimbal CEO Says Getting Beacons Right Means Moving Beyond the Coupon

    Jeff Russakow, has only been the CEO and President of Gimbal for about six months, but he’s clearly been drinking the Kool-Aid. He doesn’t just talk about Gimbal and its location-based technology, he gushes about it, firing factoid after factoid about its history, evolution, and potential. The previous CEO of Findly, an on demand recruitment platform, and former EVP and chief ...

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  • Snowcap Data Launches Leadbird, a Local Lead-Gen Toolkit for SMBs

    The need to generate leads has always been crucial for businesses, and the challenge has only gotten tougher for small brick-and-mortars who are fighting to thrive in an increasingly “uberized” world. So much consumer activity is conducted online, and even mega corporations like Walmart and Macy’s, once deemed invincible, are in a major slump.

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  • Rocket Fuel and The Data Trust Partner to Improve GOP Ad Targeting

    Not so long ago, political marketers just blasted target voters with TV ads and online ads designed exclusively for desktop, and that was that. But now marketers have opportunities to reach specific users throughout their day, across a number of different devices. In 2014, the average U.S household had 5.7 connected devices including desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones.

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  • New Alignable Rankings Shed Light on What SMBs Really Think of Tech Vendors

    Community reviews matter for small business owenrs. For instance, if you run a salon and you’re looking for an online email provider, you’ll probably want to check in with other salon owners in your area (or at least other SMBs) to find out which service they suggest. Alignable, a social networking platform for small business owners, is based on this principle, and invites us ...

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  • With New Attribution Feature, Placed Can Tell Whether Your Billboard Is Hot or Not

    Location-based analytics provider Placed is keen on showing media agencies and advertisers that out-of-home (OOH) ads such as billboards can point the consumer in the right direction, literally — and ultimately lead them to an in-store visit. The Seattle-based company announced this morning that via Placed Attribution, which the company unveiled back in July, it can bridge th ...

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